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{life update} Over the River and Through the Woods

  Monday, April 22, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
I'm finally revealing my "secret," I moved this past weekend. I'm now living with my 2 cousins (boys...that should be interesting.)  The best part? Our amazing backyard!  The house is also right next to my Grandmother's house, down the street from my Aunt and a mile away from my parents.  Can you tell I like my family?

I've always admired this house because of the brook and forest as a backyard, and now thanks to my cousin buying it I get to enjoy it for a while. It's so nice falling asleep to the sound of the water rushing by.
The view from my bedroom

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  1. Enjoy your new house - location is gorgeous! :)

  2. Oooh, that's exciting - and what an outdoor space!

    Courtney ~

  3. Your new backyard is so idyllic- hope you settle in nicely!

    star-crossed smile

  4. Your new backyard is so lovely, the little bridge is so adorable!

  5. Wow that's alot of trees!! That looks so pretty..what a great backdrop for outfit photos!!

  6. Congrats on the move! Your yard is like a dream!!! It should be in a movie or something:)I love that you are so close to your family.

  7. A very nice location for your outfit photos.

  8. Congrats and i just saw a million places where you can take some amazing pictures.

  9. Oh wow girl, that's awesome - must be fun getting to live with so much of your family. So that explains why you were packing up your closet...

  10. really love your good taste taking picturess
    so so cool!

  11. How beautiful! This will be the perfect place for your outfit photos :)


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