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{outfit} Going Solo

  Monday, October 12, 2015 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
I'm sure many of you have seen that Han Solo meme* going around as it always does this time of year. I like to think that this is a more stylish version.  I wasn't intending on dressing like Han, but I put on the leggings, added tall boots and topped it off with my longer cream sweater. Once I had all three pieces on I realized what I had done. It was only fitting for me to add on the vest in homage to one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

Maybe this could be my Halloween costume - not that I ever go anywhere - I just need a plastic blaster, leg holster and funky belt. Add in a few "Who's scruffy looking?" and "I know"'s and I've got it down! I'll have to untie the vest too, doesn't look very good tied over this sweater...

Sweater: Zara, Vest: (from Lydia), Leggings: Rock & Republic 'Star Wars' leggings c/o Kohl's, Boots: Unlisted (from Christine)

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*The meme:

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  1. My husband forwarded me that meme last week and I had a good laugh. Yours is definitely the more chic version!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. That is too cute! I really like that vest! It looks great with boots. You could so rock this for halloween but it is great as an everyday look regardless!

    XO Chelsea

  3. This is so cute! I love the additional leather and fur details of this vest! Such a great take on the classic vest! XO


  4. These boots are super cute.


  5. I had not seen the meme --- and i've got to say I love this look !

  6. Great vest and boots, you styled them perfectly for all.

  7. Haha, I hadn't seen that meme, but that is pretty good. Love your look, so much more polished!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Gorgeous outfit. I like it!

  9. You know I honestly just discovered that Han Solo meme THIS year? I don't even know how that's possible. Haha! Your version is so much more chic I think ;)


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