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{photo diary} Camping in Vermont

  Friday, July 15, 2016 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 
Last weekend I went on my 6th annual camping trip with my two best friends. I used to go every Summer with my family starting at around 6 years old. Unfortunately we stopped once I was midway through high school (I went a few times after that with my aunt and uncle.) But once I graduated college my two best friends and I started our own tradition of going.

Sadly this year we got rained out. We got up there on Friday and went on a hike, had dinner and went to sleep. We were woken up by rain at 2 in the morning and the tent was leaking. NOOOO! It only rained for a couple hours but the next day/night was supposed to be very rainy so we decided to leave Saturday and finish our weekend at my house. Before leaving Vermont we had to go to Weston and my favorite store - The Vermont Country Store.

Even though the weekend didn't go exactly as planned we still had a great time! Here are some photos. And you are only seeing my hikinh outfit since it was rainy and I didn't want to take outfit pictures the rest of the time, ha ha! How do you like my fanny pack?

We made it to the overlook!
Off on our hike...wearing a super stylish fanny pack

Always need a handstand picture

Roasting marshmallows!
Packing up the car a day and a half early :(

Who doesn't love real maple syrup!?

View outside the restaurant
So so so good!

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  1. The outfit is so so ,but you are beautiful!!

  2. I am so in love with your dress!

  3. Aww what a shame your trip was rained out! It's nice you still got to spend time with your friends though, and that you made it to the lookout point on the first day. It's a lovely view :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. What a shame the tent was leaking and you had to end the trip early :( I hate it when weather gets in the way. At least you got in a hike and a handstand and a trip to your favorite store!


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