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{review} The Red Door Signature Mani/Pedi

  Monday, December 12, 2016 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
The Red Door provided this service for free in exchange for a review. My opinions have not been  influenced by this generous gift.
Just in time for the holidays, The Red Door invited me to their spa at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, CT to try out a Signature Mani/Pedi. The Red Door offers everything from facials, massage and body treatments to nail care, hair design, make up artistry and more.  I had previously visited this location for a massage and was eager to see if this second visit would keep up the high standards of my first. It did not disappoint!

It has been quite a while since I've gone for a professional manicure and pedicure and this made me remember how much I enjoy them. Normally I paint my own nails and it's not as fun. I have to remove my old polish, try to smooth out my nails, put on the new nail polish and hope I don't smudge them before they dry. It's become such a chore so being able to enjoy having my nails done was a nice change.

The Red Door's Signature Mani/Pedi includes their signature luxurious exfoliation with Olive Oil Salt Scrub and a warm cream reflexology inspired massage with their Signature Luxurious Body Cream. In between each step my legs (and arms) were sprayed with a bit of Red Door's Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Spray. You also get a warm neck pillow to help relax even more.
The warm neck pillow and getting the Salt Scrub massaged into my legs
One of my favorite parts of going to get my nails done is mini massages. At cheap nail salons you just get a quick hand and foot massage, but at The Red Door massages are extended to the elbow and knee for extra pampering. They also include a customized essential oil foot bath. Finish off with a paraffin treatment and you're good to go with softer hands and feet complete with perfectly polished nails. My technician Kristin also used an Ultra Healing Body Balm to really seal in the moisture. It's been 3 days since my appointment and my feet are still as soft as a baby's bottom.

This was 100x better than any other mani/pedi I've received. Kristin did an amazing job and made sure I was comfortable (and hydrated!) throughout the process. I'm not the best at small talk but she made it very easy. We gabbed about Christmas cookies, meals and other fun stuff. ;)
The final product with Kimono Over and Limited Addiction (they looked so great I had to buy them!)
You can book your own appointment via The Red Door website. And, since we're in the last couple weeks before Christmas, head to their gift page where you can purchase a gift card (in a dollar amount,) a gift certificate (for a specific service) or a Red Door membership for everyone on your list! Be sure to check out their current promotions as well!
Gift cards and serviecs list
More photos from my day at the spa are below!
Entrance to the spa with, what else, a Red Door!
Pedicure area
Letting the paraffin wax work it's magic
Getting Kimono Over painted on my toes
Those are REAL roses and they have been there since October - insanity!
The relaxation room, complete with blankets since it's Winter.
Hydrating with water while letting my nails dry in the relaxation room
All done, and very happy!

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  1. so relaxing dear..i'm jealous

  2. Oh I love the nail polish colors and I make an effort of getting a pedi at least every other month.

  3. I love a fresh mani pedi. I try to do my own too, but there's nothing like the spa treatment. Looks luxurious and I love the colors you picked!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. great impressions! The nail colors are so pretty!

    Love, Janine

  5. That does sound like quite the manni/peddi! I haven't had one since MAY (rationalizing that I was allocating my 'spa' budget to TWS and thus it's been DIY).


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