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{travel guide} What to Eat at the 2018 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

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As a picky eater, you probably wouldn't expect me to be excited about a Food & Wine festival. In the case of EPCOT's International Food & Wine Festival I was really looking forward to tasting lots of different cuisines around the world. Before my trip I made a list of at least 30 things I was considering trying and then discovered a handy app someone had made to make tracking those wants easier - WDW - Food&Wine. I definitely recommend downloading it if you are planning on going to the festival. It helps track what you want to try, what you've tasted and what you spent!

Here's a quick guide to everything I tried at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival and my picks for the best bites!


Spain had one of my favorite bites of the Food & Wine Festival. It's the Spanish-style Paella with Chorizo and Roasted Chicken for $5.25. The portion size is great for this price and it was delicious and flavorful! The chorizo was a nice spicy touch. You get two pictures because I couldn't decide which I liked best and because I actually ate this twice during our visit, our first day and our last day.


Everyone is always surprised to find out that I love shrimp. Not sure why I like it so much, probably because most of the time it's smothered in garlic. This particular dish is Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp with Pineapple, Pepper, Onion and Snap Pea for $5.50. The shrimp had a great spicy kick to them! The cake is  Lamington: Yellow Cake Dipped in Chocolate and Shredded Coconut for $3.75. It was very tasty and I almost got it a second time but I was too tired to walk back to Australia since we were in Mexico and it's all the way on the other side of EPCOT.


China never disappoints with food so I was excited to try the Chicken Dumplings with Chinese Slaw for $4.95 and Black Pepper Shrimp with Garlic Noodles for $6.75. The dumplings were tasty but you only get 2 for the $5 so it's not that big of a portion. The noodles however are a very large portion for your money. I would happily get that again.


In Germany I had to try the Roast Bratwurst in a Pretzel Roll for $5.50. I got it without the mustard since I'm not a fan but it was still delicious. I had actually never had bratwurst before so this was a good way to see if I like it. I do.

Islands of the Caribbean

The Jerk-spiced Chicken Lollipop with Roasted Sweet Plantain Salad and Mango Chutney Yogurt for $5.50 is another dish I tried without the accompanying condiment. I don't like yogurt so I asked for mine without the mango chutney yogurt. You may want to bring some floss with you if you try this, I got some spices stuck in my teeth. Not a pretty picture.


I've always been a fan of baklava (especially when I had some in Santorini!) so getting the Chocolate Baklava with Toasted Almonds and Dark Chocolate Sauce for $4 in Morocco was a no brainer! My friend and I shared this one since we both had a lot on our "to try" lists. It was soooo good!

Taste Track

I also had to try Disney's version of the cronut at Taste Track. I got the basic Croissant Doughnut Tossed in Cinnamon Sugar for $6. I wanted to try the one with Chocolate Hazelnut Cream but my friend and I had lunch in Norway later that day so I wanted to make sure I had lots of room for our meal! It was good, but not great enough to be worth $6.

France (Not Food & Wine)

This isn't part of the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival but I always have to get some delicious chocolate ice cream at  L'Artisan des Glaces. This may even be better than gelato I had in Italy. It's AMAZING! (I haven't tried any other flavors so I can only recommend the chocolate)

EPCOT also has it's Eat to the Beat concert series during the Food & Wine Festival and we were there for the 98 Degrees performance! 90s boy band dreams realized! They sang some of their classics as well as the 2 songs the did for Disney (True to Your Heart for Mulan and their version of Circle of Life from The Lion King.) See some photos and video below from my Instagram!

As an annual passholder (coming to an end in December...saddd) I also had a couple extra perks to take advantage of. On my first day at EPCOT during the food & wind festival I was able to visit the Festival Center and pick up a really cute Chef Mickey magnet for my fridge. AND if I went to EPCOT 4 days during the festival I could get an adorable Mickey cutting board.

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  1. It's a shame that lamington is so tiny as it looks delicious! :) I love lamingtons. Not such a fan of shrimp though, although they are on the table every Christmas as both our our parents love them!

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! Busy day for me today, but hopefully will get to relax tomorrow! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Now I am hungry... haha! This looked like it was a blast.

  3. First of all, looking at all these delicious foods has me drooling! Sounds like it was an amazing time!

  4. Oooooh YES. We were just at Epcot last February. The World Showcase has so much to offer food wise!

  5. Everything looks so delicious! My husband and I love Epcot. That festival sounds awesome.

  6. I loved all of the meals you showcased and would definitely try them all! I think i need to start planning a trip!

  7. Epcot is my absolute favorite. Looks like you had a great time.


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