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{food} What I've Been Baking - Part 29

  Friday, June 21, 2024 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 

More baking fun! We've got a bit of a circle theme going on for this roundup. The only non-round item is based on something that is usually round, so I think that counts, ha ha!


Hostess Cupcake Sheet Cake

A suggested Instagram reel got me to make this treat. I used this recipe for the cake batter (didn't have buttermilk) but followed the rest of the recipe from Bakerella because I think a ganache is more proper than a buttercream to get the right textures and it used far less butter (which is getting quite expensive so I don't have as much in my freezer as usual, haha!) The second recipe also made the assembly easier by baking in a sheet pan and cutting in half that way versus having to horizontally cut a cake from a 9x13in pan. Mine baked a little uneven so I ended up with 2 slightly smaller rectangles and then a small square, ha ha.


Martin's Bagels - King Arthur Baking 

I have made bagels a few times already, always using the same King Arthur Baking recipe from a series they did during the pandemic. Recently Christian and I were scrolling YouTube and came across a video for Martin's Bagels. Another KAB recipe! They looked very simple (and delish) so I decided to give them a go! I even got a little more experimental with toppings and made one with cheese for Christian! They came out great! Nice and brown, cripsy exterior and fluffy interior. YUM! Definitely found my new bagel recipe.



I have been wanting to remake these for a family gathering since Christian and I were the only ones who got to enjoy the conchas when I first baked them last October. I was going to make them for Easter but then we decided to drive to Missouri that weekend instead, so Mother's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity! I decided to make the topping in a bright pink and light purple and they came out great! I made them half the size of the original recipe so people could easily grab and eat one without it being a huge portion.



Hamburger Buns

We planned to have veggie burgers one week last month and over the weekend I decided I didn't want to go to the grocery store becasue we had basically everything we needed for the week, except burger buns. Sooo....I decided to finally try my hand at making my own. I trusted Tessa of Handle the Heat's track record with other recipes and chose hers over King Arthur Baking. They were so easy and came out great! I should have put more sesame seeds on them, but didn't want to waste too many if they came out wrong, ha ha!


Deep Dish Cookie Bowls for Two

On National Chocolate Chip Day I wanted to make something quick and easy and remembered I had this recipe saved! It was super easy, melt butter, mix ingredients, put into ramekins and bake! Definitely a nice, quick dessert that I'll make again.

Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

We loved Butternut Bakery's Chocolate Mousse Cake so when she posted a cupcake version I knew I had to try them!  The cupcake part is flourless and more like a brownie so they are super rich and tasty! They're much easier to make than the cake too, so if you want a quick but still impressive dessert to whip up, this one is for you!

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  1. You always make such delicious looking things but this post has me desperate to try the cookie bowls! What a fun dessert! Thank you for sharing :)


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