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Time for part 4 of my baking escapades! This only covers through Thanksgiving so I'll share my "holiday" bakes later. Sadly I didn't make much over the holidays, must have been burnout. Have you been trying any new recipes (baked or non) lately? Or maybe you've tried takeout at some local restaurants you hadn't tried before to help the local economy?

Chocolate Coconut Blondies

This might be the favorite recipe discovered during quarantine. I tried it to make use of some coconut I wanted to finish up and after I made it I bought 2 more bags so I could make them again and again! Christian is obsessed as well. I'm not usually a blondie fan but I think the fact that it's chocolate, coconut and a perfect mix of crispy and gooey converted me. We use all different sized chocolate chips so it adds even more texture. Make these, you won't regret it.


2-Hour No Knead Bread

This is becoming a weekly staple in the house. Christian is working from home for a few months (hopefully longer) he doesn't need regular sandwich bread so I switched over to this crusty no-knead bread to have with fried eggs. It's super simple and easy! You'll need a dutch oven to cook it but it's very simple.


Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had never made cookies with browned butter before. I didn't know what I was missing! These are SO GOOD. I only made half the recipe when I made them because it used a lot of butter and I didn't want to waste it if I didn't like them. Next time I'll be baking a full batch - and buying some chocolate wafers to get even more melty chocolate (we used chocolate chips and chunks since we had them on hand.)


Easy Baked Glazed Chocolate Donuts

I was always afraid of making donuts. Just like with bagels they seemed too hard. I started my donut journey by trying out a simple baked chocolate donut. They came out really good except for our icing job, we need to figure out the right consistency. Maybe next time I'll be brave and try FRIED donuts. I'm also going to try these Cinnamon Braided Donuts very soon (maybe even before this post goes live.)


Easy Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Christian grew lavender in our garden this year and I decided I should try cooking and/or baking with it. I searched for an easy recipe to do and came upon these shortbread cookies. The texture is amazing! Some bites were a little too perfumey for me but overall these were a nice change from my usual chocolate desserts! And they're pretty. 


Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookies

Pretty basic oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies. I didn't have the right size mini cast iron skillet for these and they were annoying to clean so I probably won't remake these as the baker says they won't cook the same if they aren't in a skillet. But they were tasty!


And of course we have remade some of our favorite recipes as well.


Pizza Express Dough Balls and Homemade Pizza with King Arthur Flour pizza crust recipe

 Two easy things we've remade a bunch of times. The dough balls are super easy (I just need to get better at cutting them) and I'm getting better at the pizza crust recipe. Sometimes I stretch it too much and it gets too thin, whoops! 


We pair the dough balls with garlic butter or - even better - with our favorite pesto from the local farmer's market! If you're in Connecticut see if they sell near you! It's $8 but well worth it! 


Pizza is similar, we LOVE making a chicken pesto pizza (but I'll also settle for pepperoni!) This time we topped with chicken, pesto,  caramelized onions, sweet piquante peppers and pepperoncini peppers (Christian's half.) Delish!


It's been a while since I've done a baking roundup on the blog! The last one was in June, whoops! (and check out part one.)  I was going to share in order of what I made but then I decided since I made so many pecan recipes I would group them together for this post (plus some misc. recipes)

Maple Oatmeal Sticky Buns - my Aunt's recipe

I'm a big cinnamon bun fan and this recipe is one of my favorites (although I haven't tried to make many on my own.) I prefer maple sticky buns to ones with frosting - unless we're talking about tube cinnamon buns or Cinnabon at the mall, YUM! 


My aunt's recipe uses a bit of oats for added texture. This was the first time I made them without my Mom and I followed the recipe and only rolled the buns out to 10x4. Next time I'm going to roll it out more so there will be more swirls. 


Butter Pecan Sheet Cake 

This is one of two recipes I found a week or so before Thanksgiving that I decided to make.  I ordered  a couple bags of pecans to prepare and set out on my mission! I tried this recipe first because I figured I would like the second one better (it included chocolate!) I only made half the recipe because it used a LOT of butter. It was really tasty and a nice light dessert, we could have had it for breakfast too.


Brown Sugar Maple Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Here's the second recipe I made Thanksgiving week. Christian and I made it together for our solo Thanksgiving celebration.  I really love this recipe because I love pecan pie filling but not pie crust (I'm weird) so having the cookie-like crust on the bottom made this the perfect combo. Plus - who doesn't love chocolate chips!?


Braided Pesto Bread - my own concoction

Christian and I attempted to make pesto with basil from our garden but unfortunately it didn't come out too great (we didn't have enough basil) and the cheese was too chunky - I don't like cheese to begin with. SO I decided to make pesto bread out of it! I used a super simple bread dough (1 cup warm water, 2 tsp yeast, 2 1/2 cups flour, 1 Tbsp olive oil and 1 tsp salt,) rolled it out, spooned on the pesto, rolled it up, cut it in half and braided it before making it into a circle.


Sugar Cookies

I wanted to use up some shortening we had from when I made beignets earlier in the year and decided to see how it would work in a sugar cookie.  A super simple, easy treat!



Something I make all the time and one of my favorite easy desserts! All you need is butter, chocolate, eggs, flour and sugar. I made these on my birthday with new Mickey Mouse ramekins Chrisitan got me, so cute!

Dutch Baby Pancake - various recipes (I think I used this one

We love having breakfast for dinner and some nights I feel like making it extra special. I've made a few dutch baby pancakes and they get better each time! I don't think I've mastered the art yet but at least they taste good!

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