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Time for more baking! Today I'm sharing quite the mix of things - chocolate, savory, lemon, pastry! Everything and anything. Have you baked anything exciting lately? Anything I should try myself?? Always looking for new things to try.

Molten Chocolate Crackle Pie

Say the words molten and chocolate and I'm all in! I thought this pie would be a great twist on my usual favorite - chocohotopots. I used a storebought crust and it got a little bit mushy at the bottom, but the filling was amazing! The perfect mix of gooey and a little bit of crispyness on top.

Disney World Cheshire Cat Tails

I have yet to have these at Disney World and was trying to wait to make them until I had them in the park but I just couldn't wait anymore and decided to make them in February! It was super easy and they're delicious! I made a chocolate crème pâtissière instead of vanilla the recipe called for and it was super tasty. I found that with american puff pastry (at least the brand I bought) it was better to make 3 tails instead of 6 because of the size of the puff pastry square. 

Individual Mac & Cheese

We made this for Christian since I don't like mac & cheese and we figured having smaller portions would be perfect for him to make for lunches/snacks. He loved this recipe and said it was really good! Plus it looks adorable in my ramekins from Le Creuset.


Pepperoni Pull Apart Bread

Another recipe from Nadiya Bakes on Netflix! This one didn't come out quite as good because the basil we got from the grocery store was dying and I didn't have many leaf options. The perils of using grocery store pickup, you can't be too sure of the quality! But it's a super fun bake that I will definitely be trying again with basil from our own garden!

Lemon Pound Cake Loaf

Christian loves lemon and I don't so I made this planning to let him eat all of it. I did take a taste and thought it was super delicious! I only had a couple thin slices but next time he'll be splitting the loaf with me. The creator likens this to the Starbucks loaf and I can certainly see the resemblance, but this is way better in my opinion! Much more lemon flavor.

Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Crunch Knots  

These knots are so delicious and chocolatey! I never think to bake with chocolate and cinnamon even though I know they go well together (I add cinnamon to my hot chocolate!) I don't think I'll be forgetting the combo any time soon! I actually used less chocolate than the recipe called for in case I didn't like how they turned out and I didn't want to "waste" my mini chocolate chips. Next time I'll use more.


Welcome to more Baking with Megan! One of the few things getting me through the past year. Once a week I find a new recipe to try and make a mess in the kitchen! I'm definitely going to keep up this habit after we get back to more "normal" times. I used to love baking when I was younger but I just "never had the time." Now that I have all the time in the world I'm getting back to my love of making sweets! When we can have gatherings again I'm sure my family will enjoy munching on these treats.

I'm also going to keep making our own bread bi-weekly and pizza doughs! (But I will still keep frozen pizza for emergencies.) Every other week I make a double batch of dutch-oven bread and we freeze half. If you're wondering why I don't just make the regular recipe - the size of the bread is better when the recipe is doubled. It's not as tall when I just make the single batch. A half is just enough to get us lunches for the week. We're big fans of toast with fried eggs.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sharing these again (first posted here) because I made them again with the recommended chocolate melting wafers. Boy did that make a huge difference! They were already delicious but the addition of big melty bits of chocolate made them even better! I made a full batch, baked half and froze the other half. Then as we randomly needed dessert I would take a few out of the freezer and bake on demand! I might start making and freezing dough for these regularly so I always have some on hand.

Double Chocolate Chip Orange Cookies

We had extra oranges from when I went a little citrus chicken crazy one week so I asked Christian what he wanted to use them for and he said "something with chocolate." These were just the ticket! Super gooey and delicious with a hint of orange.

German Chocolate Cake

During quarantine I've been on a bit of an America's Test Kitchen kick on PlutoTV (free TV!) and they did an episode featuring a German chocolate cake. I've been into pecans lately (as evidenced in Baking #3) so I knew I would like this! It was one of the more involved recipes I've done over the last year but boy was it tasty!

Cosmic Brownies

I was SUPER excited for this bake! I've really enjoyed all of Tessa's recipes that I've tried and when I saw she did her version of Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies I knew they would be perfect! She is very into the science of baking so she got the texture right on! I bought a 1lb bag of Rainbow Candy Coated Chocolate Chips so I can make this a million times over (or add them to chocolate chip cookies and regular brownies!)

Onion Pretzels

I binged the whole first season of Nadiya Bakes on Netflix in one day and had to make these onion pretzels immediately after! The recipe is from episode 6 - Baking on a Budget They’re surprisingly easy and very tasty! This was my first time making a bread dough with anything extra, now I may try it more often. In addition to the usual bread ingredients you’ll need fried onions, onion powder and chives!

"Braided Cinnamon Donuts"

These were a major fail but I'm sharing them anyway because I added a powdered sugar glaze and we ate them warmed up so they were more like a cookie than a donut. They were supposed to be delicious cinnamony donuts but they came out as dense blobs. The cinnamon sugar wouldn't even stick to them!

And a bonus! Meringue snowmen! We made these for Christmas by whipping up a meringue and piping it into "melted" snowmen shapes. Not the cutest but they were fun.

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