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Since Christian and I didn't get out to take photos this weekend I thought I'd bring back my How I Wore It series. We're headed into Spring so I'm focusing on florals and bright colors.

Hopefully we'll go for a walk this weekend so I can take some outfit pictures for next week. I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures in front of our house (don't want the neighbors to think I'm a weirdo) so not sure I'll want to take them at home. But we'll see how desperate I become!

I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during all this Coronavirus craziness. Christian has been on high alert since January so luckily we were stocked up on food before the national freakout the past couple weeks.  At this point all anyone can do is stay away from people as much as possible. Luckily I already work from home so I will be trying not to leave the house, except perhaps for walks, for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately Christian still has to go to the office, even though they have the ability to work from home. Hopefully his boss allows that soon.

Happy First Day of May! I can't believe we are already 4 months through 2019.  These photos are from Easter Sunday. The weather was still a bit dreary but Christian and I stopped at a local historic society to snap these photos with beautiful blossoming trees! A lot of the people on this street got this same type of tree a few years ago so each Spring we are greeted with about a half a mile of beautiful pink flowering trees. You have to love communities coming together to make something so pretty.

Once again I'm wearing my new white blazer. This time I wore it with one of my favorite Target designer collaboration pieces - a Jason Wu for Target floral dress! I wear this almost every Easter because it's so perfect for the holiday. It definitely ranks in the top of my dress collection - quite a feat considering I have some "real" Jason Wu (and Burberry!) dresses in my closet.

Blazer: Massimo Dutti (Roundabout Resale), Dress: Jason Wu for Target floral dress, Sandals: Cole Haan 'Minetta' (Amazon), Necklace: BubuRuby

My photographer (aka boyfriend) wanted to take some photos of me in this dress at sunset. Sadly on the day we went to do it the sky wasn't cooperating the way he wanted. I still think the photos look great but he's not as happy with them as he wanted to be. Guess it just means we'll have to try another day with another dress!

This dress is one of my favorite Target collaborations. It's with Jason Wu and the print is so pretty! It has become one of my Easter dress staples. Whenever I don't know what to wear on Easter, I wear this (here, here, here.)

Dress: Jason Wu x Target, Sandals: Cole Haan 'Minetta' (Amazon), Necklace: Marrin Costello, Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon)

Last weekend I attended an event at Conspiracy in Middletown, Connecticut. More on the restaurant after the outfit photos! I was at a loss for what to wear since it's been so cold lately and Lydia suggested I wear my Jason Wu dress since I posted it on Instagram on April 21st last year and the event was on the 22nd of April! Good enough reason for me, haha! Shoes were the next problem, I was thinking it would be chilly so I wore boots and am not sure I like how it looks. But I tried something different, so that's good.

Dress: Jason Wu Okal animal-print chiffon dress (Roundabout), Jacket: LAUREN Ralph Lauren (similar),  Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), Boots: vintage (eBay), Sunglasses: Gucci, Eyeglasses chain: Tinksky (Amazon), Earrings: Mejuri 'Loop', Necklace: Pearls & Plaid (from Lydia), Rings: Lumo 'Violet', Mejuri 'Stellar', Moon Magic 'Eclipse', Moon Magic 'Petite Double'

Shop the look:

Conspiracy was opened 6 months ago by a husband and wife who are pediatricians by day, hidden gem bar owners at night. At the event we sampled some of their appetizers and drinks. I had the Rio Mule and, as a non-drinker, it was delicious. I actually drank almost all of it, which is a rarity for me since I prefer to slowly sip on drinks and rarely finish them.

Conspiracy is hard to find unless you know it's there. It's a small glass door that leads to a staircase up to the bar. The location is actually an old movie theater, so of course they have some fancy popcorn on the menu. The bar feels like an exclusive club where you need to know a password to get in. They also serve their drinks and food with mismatched serveware, which I found so fun and clever! You never know which cup or plate you'll get.

Last Thursday I was invited to a blogger/media dinner at Jack's Steakhouse in New Haven.  Jack's opened in October 2017 in the heart of New Haven. It's close to theaters and Yale so you will have a lot to do before and after your meal. There is even a special Bistro Room where you can seat up to 56 guests for an event. Monday through Saturday they have a 2-course prix fixe lunch for $21. We were there on Thursday night so we got to enjoy live music from a local musician.

It was a little warmer that day so I was able to go sans coat (sans sweater too, but I wanted an extra element to my look.) I've been wanting to wear this snakeskin blouse for a while since it doesn't get as much love as it should and this seemed like the perfect occasion! It was dark by the time Lydia and I were ready for photos so please excuse the use of flash.

Cardigan: J.Crew (Roundabout), Top: Jason Wu snakeskin pussy-bow blouse (Roundabout), Jeans: Free People flares (Marshalls), Boots: 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Peggy' in patent leather and pony-hair (Barney's Warehouse), Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Sac D'Epaule (HauteTrader)

On to the food at Jack's Steakhouse. We enjoyed a 4 course meal and got to sample a bunch of different dishes family style. As one would expect from bloggers, once the plates arrived we all spent a few minutes lighting the table with our phones so we could get photos of the food.

My personal favorites were the Beet Salad, Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly Chunks, Curry Cauliflower and Porterhouse steak. The Beet Salad came with roasted red and golden beets, baby kale, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup vinaigrette. It also comes with a goat cheese croquette, which I did not sample (I'm a weirdo who hates cheese on most foods.) The pork belly chunks were roasted for 3 hours and were made with bourbon, brown sugar, salt and teriyaki sauce. The cauliflower was in a delicious curry sauce that added so much flavor. Finally, the Porterhouse steak was 44oz of wet aged beef and was soooooo tasty! I definitely had more than a few slices of that.

Jack's Steakhouse
Clockwise: Man's Salad, Steak Tartare, Beet Salad and bread
Beet Salad
Gotta get a shot of the signature cocktails!
Bourbon glazed pork belly chunks and grilled octopus
Porterhouse Steak and Jack's Tomahawk Chop
44oz. Porterhouse Steak
Dessert Fondue

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