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This is going to be more of a photo diary mixed with where to eat in Positano. We spent most of our time at our airbnb and Laurito beach, a smaller, more secluded beach. We spent a few hours in the central area of Positano and visited the shops.

Where to Eat

La Taverna del Leone

This is the restaurant that our airbnb host arranged for us to eat at. It was a quick 2 minute drive from our place but the roads in this area are a little dangerous to walk on. We started off our meals with cute pita hearts filled with chopped tomatoes. I wanted to get some seafood while in Positano so I asked if they had some form of shrimp scampi. They didn't have anything with garlic sauce so I tried out a tomato based sauce. It was a bit weird at first but I enjoyed it. After dinner my friends and I decided to share a chocolate mousse cake, it was SO GOOD.

Grocery Store - Tutto x Tutti

We were staying in a pretty remote location so going out for breakfast every day would have been a hassle. So on our first morning we went to the grocery store to get some breakfast staples - eggs, sausage, toast, apples and orange juice! We also picked up some bread and nutella + jam to make a lunch for the beach. We also got some hamburger meat so we could cook dinner that evening.

Da Adolfo

This is the restaurant that was on our beach. Funnily enough my aunt recommended this restaurant from me and said we'd have to take a boat from Positano to get there. Lucky for us we just had to walk down to our beach to go. I had pasta with garlic and olive oil and it was amazing! Rather than having a decadent dessert I opted for fresh strawberries. A nice change from all the chocolate and gelato I had been eating.

The day we ate there we decided to go to Postiano in the afternoon. This meant waiting until about 3:30 when their boats would start coming to bring diners back to Positano. It was a strange process. We had to walk on a freestanding dock and wait for a small boat to come. They didn't anchor it, they just came in with the waves and people got on the boat as fast as they could. We saw quite a few wipeouts the day before so I was nervous. Luckily I hopped on the boat with no problems! Then it was a quick 5 minute boat ride to Positano.

Ristorante La Pergola

We had dinner before leaving the center of Positano on our last evening. I wasn't feeling ambitious (or rich) enough to try out their weirder, more expensive seafood items so I went with pepperoni pizza instead. I finished off my meal with a lemon granita which brought me back to days of eating Dell's frozen lemonade at the beach in Rhode Island. Super fresh and tart, not something I usually like but for some reason I just love lemon slushies!

Photo Diary

Most of these didn't fit in with my Florence guide (or I shared too many) so here's a photo diary with some more shots from our three day stay!

As I posted last week, I was in DC this past weekend to see the Cherry Blossoms! I got SUPER lucky and there were still plenty in bloom even though they had reached peak bloom (70% of trees in full bloom) the weekend before. Many of the trees had lost most of their flowers but we managed to find some that were still hanging on, even though they had turned white.  I took far too many photos but I've narrowed them down for this post. I also had some pretty tasty food on the trip as well! I'll share what I ate at the bottom of the post.

The Blossoms:
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The Renwick, Cherry Blossom Kite Festival, etc.: On Saturday we took a quick trip to The Renwick Gallery by the White House. I enjoyed the June Schwartz exhibit they had. She did amazing work with copper and other unconventional materials. We also stopped by the Washington Monument to see the kite festival.  Also included are some random shots from our travels over the weekend.
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The Food:

The night I arrived I met a friend at Matchbox and got some chicken pesto pizza. It was really good, and not horribly expensive ($14.) I saved half of it for lunch the next day since I was going to be working from my friend's apartment while he was at school and didn't want to venture out alone. So I got two meals in one! She had the apple and pear salad.

Friday night the friend I was visiting suggested heading to Busboys and Poets. I was boring and just got a plain burger but we also shared a sweet potato hash which was very tasty. After dinner I made us some chocohotopots. Later that evening we went to Barrel for some drinks and I tried the 'A Henway?' I'm not the biggest drinker but I enjoyed it. (Probably should've gotten something with bourbon since it was a bourbon bar, ha ha.)

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Saturday we went to Reren in Chinatown for lunch. I had the Reren Signature Lamen and we shared the Shanghai Steamed Soup Bun appetizer. I could have eaten a whole meal of the buns, sooo good! Confession: I only had the noodles and kale (I think) in the ramen, I'm still getting used to eating weird things so some of that stuff was a bit much for me.

For dinner on Saturday my friend, his roommate and I went to Zaytinya. It's a tapas restaurant so we ordered a bunch and shared. I'm really picky but I made sure to try everything, I was rather proud of myself! We got the hommus, tabbouleh, falafel, cauliflower tiganites, crispy brussels afelia, sea scallops, keftedes kapama and shish taouk (see the menu here for details on the items).

My favorite was the falafel but the cauliflower was also really good. Our pita bread was replenished throughout the meal and I bet I had at least 5 pieces, oops! I took photos of everything but some were blurry, so these few will have to suffice! (clockwise: hommus, falafel, shish taouk, cauliflower; tabbouleh below)

After our stomachs settled, we walked to Dangerously Delicious Pies. I got a piece of chocolate chess and it was good but didn't really live up to the hype. Especially at $6.50 for a slice. No picture of this though, oops!

Sunday was the day I had been looking forward to for months. Brunch at Founding Farmers! One of my other best friends joined us from Virginia for the day. I went to Founding Farmers last year when I visited as well. Both times I got their Chicken and Waffles. SOOOO good. I also tried one of their scratch sodas this time, which was just okay. A friend told me to try the vanilla but I went with orange since I'm not a huge vanilla fan. Guess I should have listened to her!

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*Download an agenda of my day of sightseeing in Washington DC

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