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Some of you may remember that last season I did Project Runway recaps. I'm not going to do them this season but I will post my favorite looks from certain episodes if some really speak to me. For example, last week I was in LOVE with Anthony and Oliver's looks.

For those of you that don't/didn't watch, they had to create outfits out of products from the pet store. Anthony chose to use all bird seed and his look was AMAZING! I would wear it in a second! (it was just a teeny bit short)
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Oliver made his look out of a dog bed (the top) and hamster bedding (skirt). It is AMAZING and the only thing I disliked about his look was the creepy eyebrows. The fit was a little bit off, but the materials were hard to work with so he is forgiven.
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Photos from
Well Thursday was the finale of Project Runway!!  I really enjoyed it and was happy with their decision (but I would have been happy with anyone since I liked them all).  Here are some of my favorite looks from their collections. (click to see them larger)

Gretchen: Her collection is definitely the most wearable, I could see myself wearing a lot of the items, but it also had a sense of surprise with the prints. The first is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I would rip it off the model ;)
Mondo: I really loved Mondo's collection, but some of it was just a bit too crazy for me to wear, I'm not brave enough.  Once again he showed how he really is a master mixing of prints.
Andy: His was my least favorite but there were a few pieces I absolutely loved.  I feel like he lost himself a bit in the collection because he always made much stronger looks during the season that I missed here. But I would definitely wear the polka dot pants outfit, gorgeous!
And here are looks I enjoyed from the other designers that got to show at Fashion Week along with a few words about them.
Michael C: OH MY GOD! I want it all! He should have been in the final 3.
Christopher: Gorgeous! I want the first one.
Valerie: Not bad :)

April:  Very pretty and flowy.
Casanova:  Cool makeup, odd clothes.
Ivy: Meh, these are the only ones I'd consider wearing.
Michael D: Oh dear...dislike :/

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As I posted on Saturday, I went up to the Berkshires for my cousin's birthday party.  I actually put on a little bit of makeup, a.k.a: mascara, my new lipstick and a teeny bit of eye shadow (I posted a before and after with my outfit below)
Outfit - Sweater & Jeans: American Eagle, Bag: Goodwill, Shoes: R2 from DSW

We didn't do much, just sat around their timeshare watching Harry Potter (haha...there was a marathon on and my cousin left it on for me, so I was doing commentary for everyone), talking and we also went for a lovely walk!  Here are some photos I took, you know the drill: click to make them bigger.

ALSOOOO...I won Margaret's CSN giveaway, yayyy!!!! <3 I got 2 not fashion items that I will be needing eventually, haha...a new DVD case and some luggage so I don't have to keep using my mom and dad's (not that I ever travel anywhere...XD).

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I'm off to the Berkshires for my cousins 10th birthday, haha.  They're having it at a time-share they got really cheap for the week ;) I'll probably post some photos tomorrow or Monday (unless i don't take any...but I should at least of my outfit...)

This week was part one of the Season Finale, so the final 3 were chosen for fashion week.  It was definitely a crazy episode, I totally cried at the end...I wish they all could have gone. :( I always love when Tim visits the designers to see what they are up to. Anyway...the designers had to show 3 looks as their final runway show.  Here's what I thought of the designs, there are no spoilers as to who is in the finale and who isn't because more than 3 of the designers went to fashion week anyway to hide who was the top 3, so we really will see all of their collections ;)  (they are online already but I refuse to look)

Michael - I really loved Michael's looks.  My favorite is the one with the feathers on the bottom, though the top could have fit better.  I also think the last look with the sequin pants looks so cool!  I can't wait to see the rest of his looks, there was a really pretty grey feathered dress that he showed Tim.

Mondo -  Mondo's looks are very him, the only thing I don't like is the blue top thing, it just looks odd to me XD.  He does wonders with prints even if there is no color, just great :D  The first look is definitely my favorite, it is so simple even though there are crazy prints!

Andy - Andy DEFINITELY picked the wrong looks to show, well really just that bathing suit, what was he thinking!!!? But I LOVE the green look, the pleating is gorgeous!! And the silver playsuit thing is pretty cool because the sides are made with a different shade so it really thins out the model (not that she is fat :p)

Gretchen -I'm still not sure what I think of Gretchen's looks.  The last one looks NASTY in the photo but it looked pretty cool on the runway, and the first dress is very wearable.  I think the second is pretty cool too, its like safari but more upscale.  I hope her other looks are better than these though or I will be disappointed.

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