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Since I've been slacking on outfit posts lately, I decided to bring back one of my old blog features - Closet Worthy - where I feature things I would love to add to my closet. Today I'm putting my tiny spotlight on Sofia Zakia. If you have read through my wedding posts, you will know that my wedding band and engagement ring are both by Sofia Zakia.  The engagement ring is a customized version of her Wandering Star ring and my band is the Altair ring that fits into it.

Sofia Ajram (Zakia is a name she created for her label) hand-makes all her jewelry in a Montreal studio. I believe she recently hired a few other people to help out but when we bought my rings it was just her. Sofia is very committed to using ethically sourced materials for all her pieces from diamonds to opals and other gemstones. Last year she won The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories at the Canada Arts & Fashion Awards.

What I love about her pieces is that they have a mystical element to them which makes them unique.  She uses unique sources for her inspiration such as Sailor Moon, Zelda, UFOs, Tarot and more. What's funny about this is I'm obsessed with Sailor Moon and my husband loves Zelda. I guess we were meant to find each other and then Sofia!

Below are some of her other pieces I want to add to my jewelry collection.

Serena Earrings
Most of you will know I don't change out my earrings often so for me to want a pair of earrings they have to be GOOD. As I mentioned above I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and this earring is inspired by Serena's earrings when she transforms into Sailor Moon. They're so playful and pretty and I love that only Sailor Moon fans will realize they're a geeky reference.

Rainbow Stardust Ring
This is a band version of my engagement ring and it's so much fun! There is a plain diamond version but if I'm going to spend a lot of money on another ring by Sofia I want it to be bold! She also made a sapphire version at one point so I'm sure you could customize this to use and color(s) you want!

Those first two are pieces I will hopefully save up for in the future. Here are some more gorgeous pieces I would be happy to own as well!

* Images from and Catbird
** I was not paid for this post, I just really enjoy Sofia's work
[10 points if you knew what this post was about just by reading the title]
I have been on a MAJOR Sailor Moon kick lately and have been watching my DVDs. I used to watch this show every day before school when I was younger and it brings me back to those times when I was young and carefree.  Quickly, for those of you that have never heard of the show, it is "the magical action-adventures of a teenage girl who learns of her destiny as the legendary warrior Sailor Moon and must band together with the other Sailor Soldiers to defend the Earth and Galaxy." Here is the show's intro:

One thing that is different between now and then is that now I pay a lot more attention to the clothes they wear. And let me tell you, these girls may be cartoons, but they have some serious style! I would be happy to wear almost all of their clothes, we can definitely take inspiration from the show.  Their skirts may be a bit short for real humans though, so we would need to lower the hemlines a teensy bit.  Here are some of the outfits featured in the show (some more wild than others) There are a ton more I would post (including non-sailor scouts) but I figured I would spare you a total photo spam.
And let's not forget the handsome Tuxedo Mask aka Darian...I had a HUGE crush on him when I was little. If there was a real guy out there like this I would marry him ;)  (I quite enjoy his voice)
If you want to learn more about the show, and where to buy the dvds, check ou this awesome site: Moon Kitty. [I have the first few seasons but they are bootlegs, I need to buy the Official ones, but I researched it and it would cost me about $700 for 4 seasons because they don't make them anymore...EW!] 

Image sources: 1, 2,

And one final shot, she is a bad guy so I didn't want to put her with the Sailor Scouts ;)

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