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I was feeling a little under the weather on this day so it was all about the layers! I wore a thin turtleneck under my chunky sweater and leggings under my jeans plus some thick socks. Not the most fashionable, but definitely functional, which is why I decided to share the photos even though it may not look the chicest.

This sweater is one of my favorites, especially when I remember how I came to own it. My long time blog friend Jamie (who I was able to meet in person in 2011 - embarrassing blog post alert) wore it on her blog way back in 2013. I commented with how much I loved it but sadly it was too expensive for me to buy, especially when factoring in shipping from Australia. But then, in July 2014, she decided to sell it on her blog shop so I swooped in and grabbed it! So now it's having it's second life here in the States with me.

Sweater: Witchery cable-knit sweater,  Jeans: IRO "Faxy Cropped Jean" (Gilt c/o Wikibuy), Loafers: Burberry Prorsum animal-print calf hair slipper (Net-a-Porter), Bag: Chanel Classic 2.55 Double Flap (Madison Avenue Couture), Sunglasses: Michael Kors (Marshalls)

This is one of my favorite sweaters. It's nice and thick but still comfortable. It looks great with everything too! I remember I was so excited when I saw Jamie-Lee was selling it from her closet, she wore it better than I do though. And since it's almost Star Wars: The Last Jedi time (December 15th!!!) I decided to throw a little Star Wars to my outfit with my cute R2D2 pendant necklace!

Sweater: Witchery (Jamie-Lee's blog shop), Jeans: FRAME 'Le Skinny de Jeanne' (Shopbop), Loafer: Burberry Prorsum (Net-a-Porter, another pair), Bag: Dark Purple Chloé Faye (eBay), R2D2 Necklace c/o Kohl's

I wore this on another geeky outing in London. We visited the new Star Wars Identities Exhibit at The O2. It was a really cool experience. It's part prop/exhibition hall and part interactive quiz. You get to create your own Star Wars character and create their personality. After Star Wars we went Westminster Abbey to tour the cathedral and went on the London Eye. I had been on it during the day before but I much preferred it at night! It's so cool seeing the city all lit up.

Leopard Coat: Marshalls, Sweater: Witchery, High Waisted Jeans: J Brand 'Maria' (Gilt), Hat: Kensington Palace Shop, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Saks Off Fifth), Boots: Grandma's

Last weekend I went on a quick overnight trip with my parents to visit my sister's new house in Pennsylvania. Since it was going to be a quick trip all I packed in my Lo & Sons bag was Star Wars pajamas, a second sweater and second pair of shoes. So you'll be seeing a second outfit featuring these Free People jeans next week!

While we were there we went to a crazy quilt shop and an antique shop. I ended up buying a vintage Mickey Mouse phone and a Lady Baltimore suitcase.

Sweater: Witchery (Jamie-Lee's blogshop), Jeans: Free People 'Jax' patched skinny, Flats: Chanel (eBay), Necklace: R2D2 (Kohl's), Bag: Emm Kuo (Roundabout Resale)

We've had quite the cold snap this week starting with some snow on Sunday. We've had snow in April before (even May!) but it's still annoying.  But it did give me a chance to wear my cozy Witchery sweater again!

Sweater: Witchery, Jeans: J Brand '811 Mid-Rise Skinny', Loafers: Joie, Necklace: House of Harlow 1960 'Sunburst Pendant'

I'm still trying to resist wearing coats despite the fact that it's super super cold out. I do wear gloves but I've been layering up to avoid coats as much as possible. I don't know why, because I love all my coats. I think I must be in denial that it's finally Winter weather. I'm still  on the hunt for a backup pair of these boots because I love them so much. Sadly I haven't had much luck on eBay or Poshmark. If you happen to see these boots in a size 8 anywhere, let me know! (They're called the "Davilla" boot)

Sweater: Witchery (Jaime's blog shop), Vest: Simply Vera Wang c/o Kohl's, Leopard Jeans: Current/Elliott (RueLaLa), Boots: Vince Camuto (Marshalls)

Game of Thrones anyone? Or was that reference too obscure? Ha ha. I wore this to go out for a belated birthday dinner with my friends.  We were going to Chili's so I wanted to wear a looser sweater so I wouldn't explode. Whenever we go I end up eating at LEAST a full order of chips & salsa in addition to my meal. Well, half of my meal...I always save half for the next day!

I love these ankle boots so much that I am terrified of them becoming too worn out to wear! I've been on the hunt for a backup pair for a while and found one...but I'm a little reluctant to buy them because they're still $55 through Poshmark (and a half size big, which I can deal with.) But what's $55 in exchange for something I know I love...oh dilemmas!

Sweater: Witchery (via Jamie-Lee's blog shop), Jeans: FRAME 'Le Skinny de Jeanne Jeans' (Shopbop), Necklace: bought in Santorini, Boots: Vince Camuto (Marshalls)

I've been trying to wear my scarves more often lately. I only have a couple and they are both printed so it's hard to wear them all the time. When I used to commute to NYC every day they got PLENTY of use, but now that I don't have to walk 30 minutes in the cold they aren't as necessary.   On this particular day I wore the scarf instead of a full on coat, because I just had to go from the car to my parents house. (I did put a coat in the car in case I got stranded somewhere)

Sweater: Witchery (Jaime's Blog Shop), Jeans: Free People, Scarf: NOMA,  Boots: Eighteen 68 'Megan' (Gilt),

I wore this the weekend before Christmas to have a lunch with Lydia. Not a particularity festive look, but I really like it! I love the idea of mixing a luxe leather skirt with an over-sized sweater, it's the perfect mix. Keeping things short today since I have tons of pictures!

Sweater: Witchery (Jaime's Blog Shop), Leather Skirt: Sienna Style (Coco's $10 sale), Boots: Tabitha Simmons (Roundabout Resale), Bag: Chanel (Madison Avenue Couture), Necklace: Isabelle M (gift),  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Henry Dinky' (Gilt)

It's getting chilly out there, folks! Lately, while I've been working, my hands have been freezing cold! We haven't turned the heat on in the house yet, trying to hold out. And I also don't want to start using my mini space heater for a few more weeks because once it goes on I will become addicted! This Witchery sweater is definitely helpful on cold days, it's super warm and perfectly oversized!

It's almost been one year since I added these Burberry Prorsum loafers to my wardrobe and I'm still so glad I splurged on them last year.  Is it weird that I remember when I bought certain pieces of clothing? I guess that's a good thing, because it shows I made a good choice in buying something if I make the effort to remember our anniversary. (Yes, I realize I am very strange)

Sweater: Witchery (Jaime's blog shop), Jeans: Current/Elliott (The Outnet), Loafer: Burberry Prorsum (Net-a-Porter Sale, different print on eBay), Bag: Chanel (Madison Avenue Couture), Necklace: House of Harlow (South Moon Under), Ring c/o Kendra Scott

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