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I have bought so many dainty rings for all occasions from Aurate the past few years. They're the perfect thing to wear on those hot Sumner days where you don't want anything bulky on. I wore a bunch of my jewelry from Aurate with this slip dress on a particularly hot day recently. It added some more interest to my outfit without adding any weight. The pearl necklace in particular is light as air! I'm glad last week we finally had some cooler weather, that hot snap was crazy!

You might recognize the print on this dress. It's because I have the camisole version and wear it A LOT. I got it in December 2015 (first outfit post with it) and it slowly moved up the ranks in my closet. I bought this dress version for $7 in 2019. I don't wear it often but when I do it's always on super hot days. It doesn't cling to the skin and is nice and breezy!

Christian and I finally bought a new parking pass so we can park and walk at our favorite park every morning. They recently updated it with new walking paths, including a path that goes a little closer to this brook, perfect for photos! When I used to live with my parents and/or my cousins the parking stickers were included in our car taxes. Sadly Christian and I don't live in that town so we have to buy one, but it's worth it because we enjoy it so much. We also have access to beaches in the town we live so there are multiple options for walks and bike rides.

Dress: eight sixty V Cami Dress in "Black Crea"

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 'Apteros' in Crosta Wine (bought in Athens) 

Italian Leather Bag: Bought in Venice 

Jewelry:  Aurate Toi et Moi Gemstone Mini Vintage Ring with Yellow Citrine & Purple Amethyst, Endless Pearl Station Necklace, Infinity Hoop Earrings and Stackable Twist Ring 


A couple weekends ago Christian and I headed to the beach on a cloudy but warm day. We hoped it would mean less crowds at the beach, and we were right! After the beach we decided to head to oour traditional spot for a meal - George's of Galilee. I've been going here once a Summer since I was little and my family used to rent a beach house in Narraganset, Rhode Island. After dinner we attempted to take some photos, but it was rather windy, so this is what we got, ha ha.

Dress: Edun (same print)

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 'Apteros' in Crosta Wine (bought in Athens)

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Natural Selection Mini Messenger Bag' (Saks Fifth Avenue)  

Sunglasses: Gucci Aviators (bought in Rome) 

Jewelry: Aurate Gemstone Station Necklace, Aurate Crossover Ring, Aurate Vintage Emerald Ring (London Blue Topaz), Sofia Zakia wedding rings

How is it already the end of July?? This month flew by. Before we know it, it will be September. Crazy! But I could definitely do with some slightly cooler temperatures. I haven't even been in the mood to shop because it's so hot. Good for my wallet, I suppose. I could use some more Summer dresses or tanks, but I always revert to my favorite few anyway.


THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best





  1. VERMONT Sweatshirt in light gray via the Weston Village Store ($20, retail $50)

  1. None yet



  1. None yet



  1. None yet


  1. Apple Watch 8 Midnight Aluminum Case with Elderberry Sport Band (gift from Christian)



  1. None yet


Gifted from Brands:

Spent in July: $0

Spent in 2023: $20

Spent in 2023 - counting ad money: $20


In Summer the last thing I want to think about is putting on heavy, clunky jewelry. Aurate carries a ton of unique gold rings, like this crossover ring, that are light as air and perfect for Summer accessorizing. I paired it with my london blue topaz ring and gemstone station necklace, also from Aurate. I think at this point half my jewelry is from them. I love that they're sustainable and really high quality. Most pieces are made to order and shipped directly to consumers so there isn't a heavy markup on pricing. Most of my pieces are gold vermeil but you can also get 14K, 18K and platinum gold pieces.


I wore this to a family bbq at my brother's this weekend. It was a perfect Summer day, not too hot, but not cold. This dress is also perfect for that weather. It's a knit fabric but super breezy. It's not quite sleeveless but the sleeves are not very long, I wouldn't even call it a cap sleeve. I've had it for over 10 years now and I feel like I wear it more and more each year. It's so easy to put on with minimal jewelry, I don't need much, just a few sparkles here and there.

I paired my look with these super fun embellished sandals from my favorite brand - Ancient Greek Sandals. I don't wear these as often as I'd like because they are quite noisy. I don't need people staring at me in the grocery store, hah! But when I know I won't be doing a lot of walking/be around strangers I have to break them out. Bonus is the name if the style is my middle name. I'm always drawn to pieces like that, see: my Chloe Faye bag. Speaking of, I need to wear it again soon. It's been too long!


Dress: LAUREN Ralph Lauren (Lord & Taylor)

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 'Faye' embellished sandal (Net-a-Porter Sale)

Bag: Madewell Medium Slim Saddle Bag in Croc c/o Shopbop

Sunglasses: Chanel 5285 in dark plum butterfly (bought in Greece)

Jewelry c/o Aurate & Grandma's topaz



*This post was made in partnership with Responsival.  Thank you for supporting brands I feature*


I've had these shorts for over 10 years and I don't think I've ever paired them with this tee (that I've had for seven.) Surprising considering how perfectly the purple matches one of the flowers. Speaking of older pieces, this bag has been around for 10 years too. It's traveled all over with me because it was the perfect small bag for carrying my camera while sightseeing. It doesn't get used too much these days, because it's showing it's age, but I will never get rid of it.


Tee: Vince (The Outnet)

Tank: Vince (Marshalls)

Floral Shorts: Zara 

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clara' Sandal c/o Shopbop

Sunglasses: Chanel

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Natural Selection Mini Messenger Bag' (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Jewelry: Grandma's Topaz, Aurate Lioness Pendant, Shashi Princess Leia Necklace c/o Shopbop


Photo fun at the California Tunnel Tree.


Earlier this year, my husband and I went to California for a week. It was my first time visiting so I had a lot of places to check off. Our trip started with a day in Los Angeles, a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, two days at Disneyland and our last 3 days was spent visiting a couple National Parks.  It was the end of April, meaning there was lots of melting snow creating rivers on the paths. While the parks are certainly less busy this time of year, and not boiling hot, there's more of a chance of certain areas being closed due to road conditions. That was true of many of the areas we would have visited had there been more time to explore.


Here we are with another baking roundup! We've got a mix of fruity and chocolatey recipes this time around. Now that Summer is here I may try out more light recipes that I usually gravitate toward. My two favorite bakes of this roundup are the strawberry bundt cake and m&m brownies. YUMMM.

Glazed Lemon Cookies

These glazed lemon cookies were Handle the Heat's May baking challenge. I had bought some lemons to make her lemon pound cake for my niece's graduation party and this recipe was perfect for using the rest of the lemons. I made them at my in-laws house so I didn't have all my usual tools, always funny baking in someone else's home, nothing ever comes out how you're used to. So while they aren't the prettiest/most round, they were delicious. I will definitely make these again for my lemon loving husband.


Coconut Brownies 

We have a bunch of shredded coconut and rather than make coconut chocolate chip blondies again I decided to search for a coconut brownie recipe. I want to make homemade mounds next but we didn't have sweetened condensed milk. I wanted something fast with what we had on hand. I trusted the google gods and used the first recipe that popped up from a blog I had never read. Luckily, they came out great! Anyone else have a fun coconut recipe they like? Nothing super tropical (hence my issue with using up what we have, there's only a few recipes so far that have been easy/with ingredients I have already.) I might try lamington at some point too, they're always so tasty when I have them at EPCOT food festivals!


Chewy M&M Brownies

These have been on my list to make for a while but it took me forever to buy the M&Ms because they are just so darn expensive now! I couldn't stop thinking about them so I finally bought some after our trip to Missouri. They are definitely the most expensive brownies I've ever made, the MINIs cost almost as much as the big bag of regular M&Ms because I didn't want to spend $7 on a big bag of the minis, haha. But they came out of the oven and I actually gasped because they looked and smelled so good!


Mounds are one of my favorite candies so I finally made some homemade. I deviated a bit from this recipe and did it by feel for when I thought there was enough coconut to sweetened condensed milk ratio. I was in a bit of a rush coating them so they are NOT the prettiest, but they tasted good! I used Bob's Red Mill coconut and Ghiradelli dark chocolate wafers for coating.

Strawberry Bundt Cake

My sister invited my siblings and I over for a last minute Memorial Day BBQ so I decided to finally make this cake I've had saved for a while. It was very easy to make, but a lot of dishes to clean since you have to puree strawberries for the cake AND freeze dried strawberries for the icing. But for a special occasion it's definitely worth all the cleaning. The cake was a hit at our get together with multiple people having more than one slice.


Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins

This is my second time making these and I did it slightly different from the first time. To begin with, I used frozen wild blueberries instead of normal sized because I prefer them small. The first time I made these I followed the tip to chill the batter for 8 hours before baking and added the blueberries after. It was really hard for me to add in the blueberries because the batter was a little too firm so I decided to just add them in before the rest this time. I don't mind that it turned the batter blue, I actually think they're more fun that way! I also doubled the crumble on top because Christian and I love the crispy texture.


The last update to my "closet room" was back in 2020 when I added a couch and reorganized the shelving to be all white, vs a mismatch of black and white. You can also the original layout in this wardrobe update post. It's come a long way since we moved in in May 2018, right?


This latest update was a necessity but I used it to my advantage to get something I've wanted for a while. Before we left on our trip to Missouri earlier this year, one of my inexpensive clothing racks fully collapsed while I was packing. The other one had also been broken for some time but was still usable. I decided to replace them both with a single unit white metal clothing rack with three sections, two for long items and the middle section has a double rack for shirts and bottoms. It also has two shelves on the top for more storage.

Now the only non-white piece is my dresser/old baby changing table. It feels wrong to paint it white, but I may do it someday.



Angelica 70.08" Metal Clothes Rack

Dikoaina white Faux Fur Rug

KALLAX Shelf unit, white 30 3/8x57 7/8"

KALLAX Insert for bottles, white 13x13 " (used for shoes)

BILLY Bookcase, white 31 1/2x11x79 1/2"

Target 31" Stackable Shoe Shelf, white

Shoe Slotz Storage Units in Ivory

Peryman Velvet 71.6" Square Arm Sofa in Eggplant (similar)

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