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Requested Dress for Less: The Boyfriend Blazer

  Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
I got another Dress for Less request so I figured why not make this week Request week ;) (well 1/2 week since tomorrow is an outfit recap and Saturday is Project Runway)  Anywayyyy, 20 York Street is on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend blazer for under $100 Canadian (about $95USD)! Quite a challenge, but as you all know, challenges are what I LIVE for! ;)  I tried to find a variety of types so there's a few to choose from.  All from ASOS, of course (since I'm addicted).
ASOS $97.47 ($92.68USD)
ASOS (navy) $53.16 ($50.55USD)
ASOS (tan) $53.16 ($50.55USD)
ASOS $44.30 ($42.13USD)
ASOS $38.98CAD ($37.07USD)

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  1. I love it the last blazer!


  2. I am loving all of these, especially the creamish/ white one. :)sarahD

  3. I love the cream one too!! (and I love 20 York Street too:)

    You should totally make these requests at least once a are rocking them!!

  4. I think you may have told me, lol...Im not sure either....Im almost going to think of what I cant find....and pass it along your way....I actually already have one.....should I? hahaha

  5. It's a shame I didn't have this last year when Shona was tearing Vancouver apart for a boyfriend blazer!

  6. Great choices! I recently got a boyfriend blazer very very similar to the top left from target for about $30

    xoxo, jaz

  7. I just stopped breathing, not JUST because all those blazers are amazing but because the girl on the bottom row at the right is Jade McSorley who came 3rd on the last series of Britain's Next Top Model <3 LOVE HER :D

  8. I actually love hte cheapest one the most! Haha.
    I've got a request.. If you check out my blog you can see that i've tried to wear my blue trousers.. I find it so difficult to find out how to wear such pants. Maybe you can help me? I know it's not a dress for less request, but hey it's a request haha.

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  9. I love boyfriend blazers! You picked some fabulous ones ; )

  10. they are all great, i like the most expensive one of course :P

  11. I'm all about blazers this fall. I really love the tan. It'll be my secret way to sneak in summer colors this fall!

  12. nice blog you got there ;)
    im loving blazers, and in this collage i completely fell for the one in the bottom row middle.
    hope youre having a sweet week


  13. love these! such great options for an even better price!

  14. This is such a great addition to your blog and a good way to interact with your readers as well! Just wanted to commend you on this.. and you've done it so well too with the logo :)

    Have a great weekend girl!

  15. Hey sweetie! What's your email??
    You won my MRD giveaway and I need to shoot your email to the owners so they can contact you! :)



  16. All of the blazer's look amazing :) Love all the dress for less posts :) They gave me some great ideas for work outfits this week!

  17. Asos totally rocks! They have such fabulous yet affordable options!

  18. need to check some of these out... i need one of those!

  19. I LOVE ASOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used to sell our Beckerman clothing to them..they rock our world and have the BEST selection of EVERYTHING DELICIOUS! I have so many boyfriend blazers/ oversized blazers...I can never get enough of! Can't believe it's already September! Gotta break them out soon!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  20. Great stuff. All these are so wearable and perfect for Fall

  21. You are sooo good and sooo fast! This is crazy cool feature of your blog hun! I just sent you this request like a day ago and here you are with these fabulous finds, thank you!

    I gotta say I gravitate towards the dark side so I my top two are the first and last ones. I can't believe they have blazers for $30+ Canadian at that! Btw, thank you for taking account our colourful currency! =)

    Okay, I think I'm buying tonight but can someone please tell me what is ASOS and is it available in this side of border?

    Merci beaucoup Closet Fashionista!


    20 York Street

  22. I checked all of it but they are all sold out in my size! I'll be in business travel for the next two weeks and I think I badly need one!


  23. This comes at the perfect time, because I'm also looking for some more blazers for fall. I'm wary of buying something like this online, but this definitely gives me hope for finding a reasonably priced blazer that's still stylish.

  24. Gah. I just looked at all of these the other day.. but they are all sold out in small sizes! boo.

  25. love them, especially the first 2 in the second row

  26. Wow, you are right, they have such a vast selection at various price points.

    Thank you again hun.. I currently have my eye on three pieces at Asos!


  27. i love this post! The blazer is such a classic piece.

  28. I have 2 of them: one in black and the other in off white. They are the best!

    B* a la Moda

  29. i really need to buy one x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  30. A boyfriend blazer is a must to every girls wardrobe , just thrifted one a couple of weeks back for only $4 :)

    - glad i found your blog, its amazing :)

  31. I love the black and cream ones, very nice!

  32. I really love blazers! They make your outfit complete!



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