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Daily Inspiration: Rodarte and Yves Saint Laurant Spring 2012

  Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
I was going to post an outfit today but I didn't have time on Monday and I was too lazy yesterday, ha I'll have to photograph today's outfit unless something insane happens.

Today I'm posting some more Spring 2012 looks that could also work for fall because of their color palettes. First up is the Rodarte collection. I love how they used Van Gogh paintings as inspiration and the dramatic makeup used. And as you all know I LOVE wearing purple, so that makes me love this collection even more.

Next we have Yves Saint Laurent, once again TONS of purple, YES! There are a lot of separates which is great because you can then mix and match all these great pieces together for many more looks. I'm glad to see the jewel tone trend is going to continue because those are the types of colors that look great on me.
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  1. I love both of these - I was really taken with the Rodarte collection originally but the YSL one is so rich and beautiful.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Oh no! today is wednesday and your birthday was yesterday :(
    Im so sorry, but I hope that you are still receiving birthday congratulations!

    Happy happy happy birthday anyway ;)

    About this post, "oh oh, it seems that someone is really happy about this purple collections"

    See you cutie!

  3. I like the wearability of these collections! The first purple dress in the rodarte collection is stunning!! And i am loving the criss crossed YSL halter top!

  4. i love them vibrant colors
    follow me via bloglovin, i just lost my followers :(

  5. wow, i cant believe rodarte sisters are self-taught...amazing!

  6. Those colors are incredible! I hope you had a fabulous bday doll!

  7. Love the vibrant colour and the use of satin fabrics to create a more elegant look!

  8. Love the purple inspiration! :)

  9. Love all the looks from Yves Saint Laurent!

  10. Amazing!Love the last two sets!

  11. LOVE the mint colors going on in these looks!

  12. Oh, elegance. I love this selection you have here.

  13. Ooooh havnt come across The Rodart Spring collection yet but (as always) they havnt disapointed =) You can never really expect ANYTHING but zany creations from them huh? =) Particularely fawning over the embellishments! Can you imagine how DIFFICULT those would have been to apply!? Eeek, thinnking about it makes me nervous lol


  14. I love anything and everything from Rodarte but the only way I'm getting my hands on their designs is if they do another line for target (fingers crossed!)

  15. Happy belated birthday! I missed it yesterday. Fail.

    Jewel tones are good. I should buy some more of them. And then I'll be trendy in the spring time!

  16. Loving this post! These are definitely perfect for fall. Also...happy belated birthday!

  17. Be still my heart!! The YSL collection is incredibly sexy!

  18. Love the van gough inspired looks! So cool, such great colors.

  19. Thrilled about all the purple in these collections!

  20. these dresses are gorgeous and wild :) Love the colour blocking and the purple hues! Go colour!

    Thanks for sharing darl

  21. Your post is super well-written! Absolutely lovely. Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  22. Purple is such an amazing color. And I'm loving the styles with the various shades of purple in them! :D

  23. Yes, loved both shows. YSL is always so glamourous

  24. Your blog is a work of fashion! All these images are amazing! I like her dress is looking very nice, because the color of dressing
    and fitting is perfect!


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