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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{dream outfit} Beating The Winter Blues

We are heading in to the time of year where people get the "Winter Blues." They don't want to wear anything but dark colors and hate venturing outside in the freezing cold.  To combat this, I suggest wearing happy bright colors or patterns and layering so you can keep your outfits interesting and fun!  Even if you wear darker colors (like in this look) if you pair things correctly your outfit will not be boring. Winter is a lot better when you feel good.  Today I've made a dream outfit using clothes from Cruise.

I started off the look with this gorgeous M Missoni cardigan coat as the focal point. Next I added some bright jacquard pants from ASOS.  The look was finished off with a Zara sweater, Jimmy Choo pumps and various jewelry.

Coat: M Missoni, Pants: ASOS, Pumps: Jimmy Choo, Sweater: Zara, Jewelry: ASOS


  1. Yup, I would definitely wear this in a heart beat.

    Courtney ~

  2. This is fabulous, though I'm not sure how well those pumps would fare in todays weather!

  3. I'm definitely worried about getting a case of the winter blues when I return to NYC. I don't know how I'll be able to deal with 20 degree gloomy weather after being in sunshine for so long! Ugh. I'll have to take your advice and put together a nice (hopefully colorful) outfit ;)


  4. It's not easy to dress pretty in this kind of weather...but this outfit is definitely possible for non snowy weather!!

  5. I think that this year I saw a lot more people wear more colorful clothing during the colder season. It's a good thing too because there's SO much color awaiting us for Spring/Summer.

  6. SO gorgeous!! I am loving that coat especially!

  7. Love it love it! The coat is gorgeous!

  8. Oh the coat is gorgeous but those shoes? I die. I'm still not convinced I can pull off fun pants like that but they are a great pick!

  9. I love the pants!