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Project Runway Recap

  Friday, April 16, 2010 at 5:53 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
On my old blog (normal life blog, so it wasn't just fashion) I'd do a weekly post on my favorite looks from the latest Project Runway episode & I figured I would do it here too. This weeks episode didn't really have much going on since it was the episode before the finale. So we go:

I think I want Seth Aaron to win, at the beginning I liked Emilio but the collection he showed Tim was a bit old. He did say he really changed the collection so maybe I will like his revisions. I like Mila, but she always does the same thing, black/white & color-blocking, but who knows I could love her full collection.

I was a bit sad that Jay didn't make it to the finale, I really liked his concept. It was innovative & I loved how strong it was.  I LOVED this dress:

Next week is the reunion show, should be VERY interesting, & then the FINALEEEEE! So I'll be posting tons of outfits from that episode since I'm sure I will love most of the looks.  I'll also post looks from the 7 other Project Runway designers that got to show at Fashion Week because of all the legal issues.

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