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Closet Clean Up!

  Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 1:23 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
Since I am home for the foreseeable future after graduating Univeristy next Saturday (22nd) I decided to totally reorganize my closet to get everything nice & neat. I forgot to take a before picture so just imagine the total opposite of this, pure CHAOS! I hate having such a small closet, I don't have room for all my junk! Actually, my whole room is small, and I share it with my my love of clothes & Harry Potter makes for a dangerous situation when there is a lack of space. (I can show you all my Potter collection in another post if you want to see it)
P.S. If anyone knows of any graphic/web design jobs let me know! I am on the hunt! I am HOPING to work for a fashion magazine (VOGUE!) eventually, but that may take a while.

About Closet Fashionista

Loves to get bargains on clothes and is obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. She also has a slight obsession with movies.

You can also find her on the web at her Harry Potter and Matthew Lewis fan sites.


  1. Seeing your tidy closet makes me feel a bit guilty, there are drawers in my room I haven´t opened in ... months.
    I love that Fossil(?) bag in the last pic. When did you buy it?

    polaris ;)

  2. haha it's always the chaos in mine so .. :p
    see u

  3. Haha, yep its a Fossil, good eye! I got it from my roommate 2 years ago, she didn't want it anymore so she gave it to me.

    Don't know how long it will stay this clean but ;)

  4. you've reminded me that i desperately need to do this to my own closet of chaos. this looks so great!

    congrats on graduating soon!

    xo Alison

  5. Have you thought about applying for a teen magazine (like Teen Vogue)? I don't know if age is a factor for applicants, but I'm sure they're always looking for fresh faces for the younger crowd. :)

  6. Yea, I sent them an email and no reply, and for internships they want you to get school credit :/

  7. You're graduating real soon! I should've graduated last December but because of money situations I still have about a year :/ anyway, the best of luck on finding a job, I know you will :D

    You're in the same situation as me, small room, small closet and I have to share it with my sister. :/ I've cleaned again about a week ago, I clened up last winter and I did a clean up again because I had to put away the sweaters and all that because summer is here :( sad, I love winter :P

    again, good luck!

  8. loving your closet girl! so nice and interesting


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