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Day Twelve - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

  Friday, June 4, 2010 at 9:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
I have been lusting over these two jackets since 2005 & I keep missing out on them on eBay because people make it go over my limit! Marc by Marc Jacobs & Moschino (the Moschino is a variation on the one I want but close enough).
*sigh* sad sad

Also, for those wondering why I still don't have a LBD, I have a good reason (sort-of). I NEVER go out...I'm super shy so I've never had a need. No parties, no fancy restaurants XD I'm pretty much a hermit :p But I plan on trying to change that ;)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love with the second one!!! They are both fab, but the second one really strikes a cord with me. And I bet you would work it to death =)
    And no worries on the LBD. Though I may suggest if you plan on buying one, go with a classic simple cut and dress it up with accessories as the occasion calls for the first one. If you choose to get a second, that one can be more "fun".

  2. The first is super cute.
    Honestly dude, go out and buy a LBD. Then let it pressure you into going out and looking fab, lol... you wouldn't want to waste the money you spent on the dress, now would you?

  3. nice jackets!!!!!! hope ull manage to get one of them someday!

    xoxo jenna

  4. Adore the second jacket - and who cares if you don't go anywhere fancy - work it and have fun with your style no matter what! It's not reserved for the rich and elite :)

    In Fashion and Style

  5. want want want!

  6. Love those jackets. Really like those colours.

  7. the 2nd jacket is nice! And you can wear a LBD to the mall with leggings! :D btw why does your friend hate zac efron? lol I actually think he's pretty hot, though I've never met him though hahaha I feel like such a cougar saying things like that about a younger man!

  8. :O really anqtiques LOVE THEM
    Please visit my blog
    comment and follow me if yuo want

  9. You're so cute! Hang in there and you will get the MarcxMarc or the LBD or whatever you need at just the right time.

    And seeing as you're shy, then blogging is a good first step at getting braver. This comes from a formerly very shy person who is still pretty shy at times. xoxo Have a great weekend!

  10. the second jacket are so pretty !!!

  11. I love anything from MbyMJ! I love the print on his jacket.

    & there's no need to be shy! Like the above commenter said, having a blog is a good first step for getting out of that hermit shell ;)


  12. love the second one the best

  13. Gorgeous jackets - I hope you snag one soon!

    And really, you need an LBD. Even if you don't go out, there will be a time you'll need one for work (dress down with a jacket) and then networking after work.

  14. I prefer the 2nd one ;)
    Oh thanks for all the comments btw =D


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