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Should I Get it? & Shop It To Me!

  Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 9:52 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
Here's a DKNY dress I found for pretty cheap (normally $521), and I can't decide if I want to get it or not...I STILL don't have a LBD, so this would be my first.  Would you get it? (I have 5 more days to decide)
I'm off to Kohl's again today to see if I can find a top to go with the shorts! (so I'll probably have an outfit post and a new items post later)

Also, another blogger (I can't remember now because I just visited a ton of blogs XD), let her readers know about this AWESOME site and I joined right away! It's called 'Shop it To Me' and what it does is:
You can think of Shop It To Me as your free personal online shopper. Once you tell us your favorite designers (such as Alexander Wang, J.Brand, Black Halo, Diane Von Furstenberg, John Varvatos, Tory Burch, DKNY, Vince) and sizes, we’ll take over. We’ll work as your personal shopper scouring the Web to find the items you love and send you personalized e-mail alerts that feature the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and VIP sale events. Your made-to-order Salemail™ will arrive in your in-box only as often as you like, because we’re all about looking after you. We are the trusted personal shopper relied upon by millions of fashion-forward women and men. 
Join Here! :D
(I'll add the link under sample sale sites in case you don't do it now and decide you want to later)

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  1. this dress is so cute!
    nice blog!!!


  2. I'd pass on it...

  3. Thank you so much :)
    nice dress

  4. everyone has to have a LBD!! xx

  5. I like the dress, but I think you can find a better one (unless you are absolutely in love with it). Let us know what you decide!!

  6. The dress isn't that fantastic; I would search for something else.
    Sara C

  7. I like it butttttttttttttt I think you can prob find another one thats a lil more sexy let me know what you decide.

  8. How can you not have an LBD yet? lol. But the dress looks cute! Go for it if you love it that much. Just be careful about the sequins/detailing in the wash!


  9. You have to have an lbd!! Trust me, I have a velvet and lace one, and it's the one I always turn to whenever I have a mini wardrobe panic.

  10. Genial !!!

  11. gorgeous dress! Love the detailing :)

    and thanks for the webiste! sounds really good :)


  12. Girl-you need to get a LBD asap! :) Will definitely come in handy more than once!


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