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The 30-Day Harry Potter Challenge: Day 8 - What Do You Think Would Be Your Favorite Lesson.

  Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
Hmm...I think Potions would be pretty fun. I would be scared that Snape would murder me though ;)

If not potions, probably Care of Magical Creatures since I love animals :D

These posts are all so quick, haha...but I don't have much to say so :p

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  1. POTIONS FOR SURE! hahaha cute post :)

  2. I think Charms or Transfiguration would be my favourite. I just know I would suck at Potions haha

  3. Definitely Charms! Ah, I love Professor Flitwick to no ends!


  4. Nice blog! i'll follow youu :)
    I hope you come back to my blog (L)

  5. Transfiguration for me I think! Though I imagine it involves some math and I never was too good at math...

  6. i think i'll prefer charms! because, flitwick is not strict, so you can talk a lot when you learn with him !haha

    i hope you'll like my new article :)
    Sixtine <3.


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