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Project Runway Season 8: Week 4

  Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
First a couple of quick stories before the Project Runway recap.  First, I am very upset about the Gilt sale for Mulberry, etc.  I logged in right at 12 and the bag I wanted was ALREADY SOLD OUT! What is up with that! Now I have to wait until October 10th (the day before my 22nd birthday) to get it.  Here's the one I wanted (black)
Also, cute intern boy & I had a very awkward moment at work today.  We always look & smile at each other when our boss says something funny, so that's nothing new. But then intern boy was like "You guys want some gum?" So I said, "Sure!" & I moved my rolling chair to get closer to him so I could grab the pack & he walked closer to me.  While I rolled, I bumped into my bosses bag & he bumped into the garbage can, needless to say we were both a little clumsy, maybe he thinks I'm cute too? ;)  So yea, I got my gum, but it was awkward...I bet he didn't even notice the weirdness, but I notice everything.

Finally, on to my Project Runway recap! Another interesting episode.  This week they had to create an outfit inspired by a Philip Treacy hat! Don't worry, once there are less designers I will actually say something about the outfits and why I like or don't like them :p


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  1. Love that polka dot dress in your liked section. Sorry you didn't get that bag!:( Cute story about intern boy, he probably didn't notice the awkwardness, boys never do!!;)

    Hope you are having a great weekend.SarahD:)

  2. Boys never notice those things!

    Loving the bag. I didn't even check out anything on Gilt yesterday other than the Tucker collaboration. (I didn't pull the trigger. I'm waiting to see it in person.)

    I really wanted the outfit with the orange skirt to win. (I forgot his name.)

  3. I didn't know the bags were THAT gorgeous! Now I want one. I can't totally see your frustration in missing out!

  4. Sorry about the bags I missed my favorite dresses from the Tucker collection as well.
    As for Project Runway, I love the look with the bunny ears!

    xoxo, jaz

  5. I haven't seen Project Runway yet, so I quickly scrolled through your review. Just has to throw my 2 cents in regarding the Target/Gilt sitch - I had the exact same experience. Although I was incensed at the time, I'm actually okay with it now because at least I'll be able to see/feel it (provided that I can manage to hunt it down at Target).

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. I'm sorry the bag you wanted was sold out :(

    Yay for Project Runway! I just watched the latest episode yesterday.

  7. Oh wow! That black bag is amazing, too bad you missed out :(

    As for Project Runway, AJ's outfit was my favourite and I really think it's Peache's time to go, she does the same thing every week!

  8. I really adore all the ones in the like section...especially the one with all the feathers.

    And yes, I've realized a lot of people--most often those of the male species--are oblivious to just about everything, so I wouldn't worry about it!

  9. I'm sorry about the Mulberry bag.

    And I want to hear more about "cute intern boy". He sounds... interesting.

  10. Sorry for this, but I can't help myself : if cute-intern-boy is going back to school soon, this mean that you don't really have anything to lose. Try something before he goes ! Even if it doesn't work, you won't see him again, so no akwardness.

    Have fun, Eris ^^

  11. How could the Mulberry bags already be sold out...I mean it makes no sense since you were right on time?? I'm sorry. I would like one as well.

    Ha ha ha ha what a "cute" moment with "your" intern boy. Am I feeling something there? LOL Sorry don't mean to be so darn curious. LOL

    Thanks for the pics from Project busy right now....I like all the images...but #2 gets an extra point from me!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


  12. so sorry you couldn't have snagged your bags, but well, there's always a next time. i think you can check server time so as to ensure you are in-sync with their server timing . . so you won't miss out on the bag.

  13. what an original runway :o !
    I hope you'll like my new article ;D

    Sixtine <3.

  14. I did the same thing! I wanted one of those bags so badly. My Target is too small, so we hardly ever get any of the new designers..... :(

  15. Ah cute intern boy sounds adorable :) Have fun!!

  16. Hahah! That's a funny little story with "cute intern boy". Hahah love that he has a title. I actually live on Long Island but go to school in Connecticut at, you guessed it, Quinnipiac University. I know of a few other CT bloggers, we should have a blogger meet up and one of the yummy restaurants in New Haven or something!!

  17. im always loving ur posts!!

    follow me on twitteR?

  18. Very cute bag - that Gilt sale was crazy!

  19. I totally agree with your top three - except I wasnt keep on the racer jacket on the dark pink dress... it could of done with out it . A brilliant season though !

    Check out my latest post + my twitter ! (aliceelizaaa)

    Alice H

  20. those mulberry for target bags are so sweet! x

  21. Ooh, bad luck about the bag! Still, it'll no doubt make it all the sweeter when you finally get it...

  22. hey what kind of to-do list app do you have on your computer? For a mac or pc? ;)

    And yes for goodness sake your future husband definitely has to be a Potter maniac...LOL You're so cute! ;)

    BTW, where do you live? Have I missed it..."just curious" Would be fun to do lunch sometime...LOL


  23. Thanks for the taskmate...I'm going to check it out. :)

    Oooops that's quite a few miles away from me...LOL...


  24. I haven't seen this episode yet.. but.. just looking at these photos..
    It will be a very exciting one,

  25. i may have to try and figure out a way to watch project runway... i don't have a t.v. i rent movies and watch them on the wall with a projector :) or i will have to wait for them to come out on dvd ;)


  26. Those Mulberry bags are so gorgeous.

  27. Cute bag!
    I love the draping on the red dress! :)

  28. everything i wanted was sold out too! there was a dress i seriously loved!

  29. sorry to hear you weren't able to snag the bag you wanted, but I guess the day before your 22nd birthday would be a nice occasion as well :) you'll get to wear it all spankin' new for your birthday!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

    ps. thanks for all your sweet comments and always stopping by!!

  30. Superbes sac. Waouh, tu n'en aurait pas trouver dans le même genre, it-bag cartable tu vois le genre ? Mais à prix modérer ;). J'attend ta réponse avec impatiente, j'ai hâte de m'achter un nouveau sac :p. Bye xx.

  31. not sure if anyone already commented on this, but apparently Gilt opens up its sales early to VIP customers...those like A list celebs and super high for the rest of us...those people don't need the discounts anyway!


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