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Project Runway Season 8: Week 9

  Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
Another crazy week on Project Runway as usual!  This week the designers had to create a high fashion look and a ready-to-wear companion to appear in a L'Oréal Paris ad. I'm not going to do a Top and Bottom 3 this week, rather I will to say what I think of each designers looks :D  There will be no spoilers beyond the outfits and who did them, I won't say who won or was sent home.

Andy South - Andy has such a unique aesthetic and I LOVE it.  His first look, though wild and crazy, really works with his whole styling of the model.  The second look totally relates to the first but in a much more wearable way, I would definitely wear it for a night out!
Mondo  Guerra - Mondo did such an awesome job this week. It's not easy working with bright striped fabric and he made it look so elegant! I wouldn't wear the first dress but it is a gorgeous look!  I would, however, wear the second one, it is so gorgeous and you can tell it is part of the same collection as the first dress.
Gretchen Jones- Gretchen's looks were very from her usual style this week, I loved the colors she used.  I do like the first look but I think it could have been a little tighter on the model, it made her look wide.  But the effect with the hand-sewn on feathers looked great while she walked.  The second look also was great when it moved, the light blue really opened up to show off her legs and the darker blue skirt part.
Christopher Collins - Both of these looks are very pretty.  My only problem with the first one is that the model's boob was bouncing all over the place because there was no support for it, but the dress is very beautiful.  The second dress just has weird straps, but other than that I think a lot of people would love to wear it.
Michael Costello - Normally I love Michael's looks, but this week they were a bit off.  I LOVE the color and I love the geometric look he was going for.  BUT both looks have a bit of a problem; the bottom on the high fashion look is very odd because of the wiring.  The second has a REALLY weird top, since he went for a short dress I feel like he should have at least made the top a tank to off-set it.
April Johnson - I'm still not sure what I think of these looks. I think they are pretty cool but I don't think I would wear the first one.  The second, however is pretty and grungy all at once, which is something I like, it also has a very cool texture.
Ivy Higa - Ivy usually goes for boring muted colors and makes really great clothes, this week however she went for bright colors. Now I see why she stuck with neutrals, this blue is a very odd color, the tops are also very weirdly shaped. The bottom of her high fashion dress does have some promise though, if only the rest of the dress complimented it.
Valerie Mayen - Another set of disappointing looks.  In the past I had liked Valerie's designs, but this week she really dropped the ball.  These looks could have been great but right now they are a little boring and I don't feel like they relate to each other at all.

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  1. mondo guerra's is very eye catching.

  2. I am obsessed with Mondo's outfit..
    He's a bit weird but I love what he does

  3. I loved Andy and Mondo's work this week - so lovely!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Not the best showing overall I think. Mondo and Andy are the only ones I liked.

  5. very elegant dress :)... beautiful:)

  6. I am in total agreement with you on the Mondo Guerra dresses. I think the second one is stunning. I would definitely wear it. The Gretchen Jones dress should have been much smaller for the model, it completely overwhelms her. I do love both of the Michael Costello dresses although straps would have been more wearable on the second dress. The geometric cuts are gorgeous but the dresses just need a little more "wow" factor.


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