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Project Runway Season 8: Week 12

  Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 9:45 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
This week the designers that are competing at fashion week were chosen.  The designers had to create a look inspired by New York City.  I am very happy with their choice, but don't worry, as usual I won't give anything away except for the outfits :p I put them in order from favorite to least favorite this week.  When I'm talking I'm pretending that all of them are going to fashion week, when in reality at least one of them is not.

Mondo:  Once again Mondo showed how great he is with different prints and textures.  He doesn't need color to make an interesting outfit.  I would be very excited to see his looks at fashion week if he was chosen.  I know he is capable of awesomeness!
Michael:  Michael's dress was GORGEOUS, it was pretty simple but thats what made me like it so much.  I feel like he could do very well or very poorly at fashion week but I know he has it in him to be wonderful!
Andy:  Andy did a typical "Andy" look this week, very strong and very cool.  I really loved the materials he used as well, I would definitely wear this dress.  It had a GORGEOUS back.  I know his looks at fashion week will be very cool (if he goes), I do hope he uses some color to his stuff though.
Gretchen: I was disappointed with Gretchen this week, I know she is better than this look and I really hope she can pull herself together for fashion week.  I like the print of the skirt, but that is about it.
April: April did what she always does, the same dress but with a bit of variation.  I did like it but I feel like I've seen this dress every single time.  I hope at fashion week she adds color and makes more than just dresses (and no triple panties)

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  1. Hi babes....LOVE Michaels dress flowy and edgy to me.....:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  2. Love these dresses! They are beautiful and elegant!

    visit my blog :) I'm following you now. Do me the favor and follow me :)

  3. I thought Michael's dress was gorgeous (again) and of course everyone else was an ass about it (except Mondo - bless his heart - whose design was also lovely). I actually really liked April's look, probably because it's close to me aesthetic, but I do understand the judge's points about it being too similar to her other work.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I don't know why most of the cast hate's Michael. He's really not as bad as they claim (thank goodness Mondo sticks up for the guy!).

  5. My two favorite designers this season are Mondo and April. April has such potential and I wish she could have gone further in the competition. I hope Mondo wins the show now :)

  6. WOW! Love these dresses, the texture , the flow , the color , everything!

    and i adore your banner :) !

  7. Of course Mondo rocked again. I really think he is going to win. Andy would also be a contender for the winners seat too. Gretchen is good but I find her looks a little ...blah at times. Her look this week was horrible...sorry. I agree with you about Michael. I do like him but I don't think he has it in him. Why do they all hate him so much. They should have hated Ivy instead.



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