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Project Runway Season 8: Week 13

  Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 11:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
I'm off to the Berkshires for my cousins 10th birthday, haha.  They're having it at a time-share they got really cheap for the week ;) I'll probably post some photos tomorrow or Monday (unless i don't take any...but I should at least of my outfit...)

This week was part one of the Season Finale, so the final 3 were chosen for fashion week.  It was definitely a crazy episode, I totally cried at the end...I wish they all could have gone. :( I always love when Tim visits the designers to see what they are up to. Anyway...the designers had to show 3 looks as their final runway show.  Here's what I thought of the designs, there are no spoilers as to who is in the finale and who isn't because more than 3 of the designers went to fashion week anyway to hide who was the top 3, so we really will see all of their collections ;)  (they are online already but I refuse to look)

Michael - I really loved Michael's looks.  My favorite is the one with the feathers on the bottom, though the top could have fit better.  I also think the last look with the sequin pants looks so cool!  I can't wait to see the rest of his looks, there was a really pretty grey feathered dress that he showed Tim.

Mondo -  Mondo's looks are very him, the only thing I don't like is the blue top thing, it just looks odd to me XD.  He does wonders with prints even if there is no color, just great :D  The first look is definitely my favorite, it is so simple even though there are crazy prints!

Andy - Andy DEFINITELY picked the wrong looks to show, well really just that bathing suit, what was he thinking!!!? But I LOVE the green look, the pleating is gorgeous!! And the silver playsuit thing is pretty cool because the sides are made with a different shade so it really thins out the model (not that she is fat :p)

Gretchen -I'm still not sure what I think of Gretchen's looks.  The last one looks NASTY in the photo but it looked pretty cool on the runway, and the first dress is very wearable.  I think the second is pretty cool too, its like safari but more upscale.  I hope her other looks are better than these though or I will be disappointed.

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  1. I really like the silver toned ones! :)

  2. andy's green look is my favourite!! I could wear it easily!


  3. Have fun hunnie....once again...I agree with you...LOVE Michael too:)

    Enter my Tulle Giveaway♥

  4. I hope Mondo will win. He's definitly my favourite this season :)

    Just Like a True Star

  5. ..the best show ever ..I love it ..

  6. Great season! Very inspirational pics!

  7. I really loved Michael's work too!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. i agree best show ever!!! ♥ project runway!!!

  9. i never liked Gretchen's style, like Nina said she is too granola and her style is definitely not glam which i think it's what project runway is all about... i think Michael should've gone without question... have a nice weekend!

  10. I didn't really like Michael C in the beginning of the season but I felt so bad for him in this episode. He tried really hard and I thought his looks were far better than Andy's.

  11. LOVE all your photos
    I DIE for Project Runway!!
    always enjoy to see what you post!!

    : )


  12. I'm rooting for Gretchen. But she really didn't bring it on the runway this week. :(

    Love Grace.

  13. I think Mondo's second look from this is my favorite. I would wear it for sure.

  14. I think Gretchen can be variable - I personally would wear the first look. Michael has a clever color-using technique - his women looked gorgeous without trying.

  15. I think here in NZ we're one season behind the US on Project Runway. Gretchen's looks are a bit off, perhaps they look better on screen

  16. like the second outfit in last row

  17. Some of the outfits are common but still nice. And some are just tacky :x

    Vampires having tea,

  18. I love the 11. picture and also the dress with huge polka dots :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  19. Project runway is so much fun!

  20. Wow, I haven't watched Project Runway in so long! School's keeping me busy. Glad you gave us a quick update.

  21. Great recap!! Just saw you won the contest over at Shine by Three, congrats how cool!!!


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