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  Friday, October 29, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 
This was a very emotional week for me...Tuesday was SO exciting (think Potter) but then Wednesday one of the guys at work made me cry because of a decision I had made about the exciting news the day before.  I was SO embarrassed, I ran to the bathroom to cry and came back and was fine, but then he started bugging me about it again and I just started crying right there...he felt so bad  and it was just horrible. :/

My pants on Monday are sooo old, I mean middle school old, ha ha. Friday is my Halloween costume (we're having a little party at work today), but its not totally it since I took it yesterday instead of this morning.  My hair will be wavy and that's pretty much the only difference XD  If you can't tell I'm Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban (photo). I promise (better) detail shots, comparisons and close-ups later ;)

(the photo makes this look shorter than it really
is, don't worry its below my buttocks)
Top: Good Will $2
Sweater: Forever 21 $11.80
Leggings: ? $?

Sweater: American Eagle gift
Pants: Bongo $?
Boots: Croft & Barrow $12 

Top: ? from sister's closet
Blazer: Lauren Ralph Lauren gift
Jeans: American Eagle $14
Wedge Booties: R2 $25 

Dress: McQ by Alexander McQueen gift
Sweater: Urban Outfitters free
Flats: Chaps $8

Top: Urban Outfitters $13
Sweater: American Eagle $?
Pants: Hollister $14
Flats: vanEli gift

Tee: Forever 21 $2.50
Hoodie: from Kohl's $2
Jeans: American Eagle $?
Sneakers: Keds $?
Hermione's Time Turner: Noble Collection gift
Hermione's Wand: Noble Collection $35 

P.S. The Potter thing was that I was invited to the London premiere for my HP site but I was terrified to go alone (I've never traveled alone and never been on a HELLO PANIC ATTACK) and my friend couldn't come because it was too expensive, so I made the REALLY hard decision to have someone else go on my behalf since I should still get to go to the NYC premiere for another site (oddly enough I wasn't invited to the NYC one for my site).  So my friend and I are going to spend a few days in the city for the premiere. So I told the guy at work I wasn't going and he kept bugging me and being like "you have to go, money is not an issue, its once in a lifetime" and he wouldn't stop even though I kept saying "i just can't, you don't understand."  And then when I started crying I couldn't stop and he was like "oh my god, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you I'll stop now" and the rest of the day kept saying "I'm so sorry! are you mad at me"  So I said "No..I needed to have a good cry about not being able to go anyway" Needless to say: worst day of work EVER. THEN that night I got an email from Amazon saying he sent me a gift card that said "Hey, I hope you'll find something to cheer you up or use at the NYC premier." I feel so bad, I didn't mean to make him feel sorry for me, the tears just came out :/

[/end long rant]
Update: For the record the guy is REALLY nice and he was so sorry he made me cry, he just thought it would encourage me to face my fears and go...haha...obviously not ;)

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  1. looove the monday outfit! casual and cute at once! the colours are fab!
    thanx for stopping by :)

  2. Ill have Monday and Wednesday, thank you, look great hunnie!!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  3. tsktsk.guys are insensitive at times. i like Tuesday and friday a lot. :)

  4. im sorry about the jerk at work!

  5. Tuesday and Friday outfits are my absolute fav.

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about your bad work day. I hate when you just can't hold back the tears when you really, REALLY want to. But gift card?

    And it's still pretty awesome that you get to go to the NY premiere. A few of my friends are going to the London one, but they LIVE in London. I understand your apprehension about traveling alone: traveling internationally alone is even a scarier thing!

  7. Sunday's outfit is my favorite!
    Everyone needs a good cry every once in a while! I'm sorry you can't go but I hope you have a blast in NY!!

  8. Monday is my favorite that tunic is very cute!

  9. Thanks again for your (as usual) sweet comment!
    Im hoping your emotional week, ends right now: in the weekend :) Boys aren't the people on earth with the most tact so hey ;) Just keep in mind that they are boys.. haha.

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  10. Aw, hon, I think we've ALL cried at work, me included except the guy didn't apologize until Human Resources forced him to! He didn't even think he did anything wrong by berating me in front of our coworkers. That was MY worst day at work. (And he's no longer my boss, he was let go.) At least the guy who made you cry seemed sincerely apologetic. Hang in there.

  11. awww that sucks!!! i hope you enjoy the NYC premire. =) i JUST started reading the HP books (as in last week) and have fallen completely and madly in love with the series. last night, i went to a HP themed haunted house, and, despite the cheesiness of the theatrical talent of the performers, i thought it was a magical and riveting experiance. today is so depressing, because i miss the hogwartian experiance =( do you ever get that weird feeling where you just KNOW that you NEED to live in the HP world or die?

  12. Don't feel too bad - I've cried at work at least twice!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. I really like your Wednesday's look! The dress is cool!

  14. Aw I'm sorry about work :(

  15. That Ralph Lauren blazer is totally gorg. And boo to work!

  16. Awww, no your day at work sounded crappy on wednesday. Hope you are feeling better?:) Loving Tuesday's outfit so much. :)SArahD

    Have a fantastically spooky weekend. hehe

  17. don't worry about crying at work - people won't judge you! lovely looks too x

  18. Ooo! A McQ by Alexander McQueen dress! What a wonderful gift, I say!

  19. Oh my gosh. I want to go to london so badly! but I totally understand about travel anxieties. traveling alone is always stressful to me, even if I'm doing the same trip I've done a million times before. Maybe you can go for the next one?

    And I love mondays color combo!

    Chic on the Cheap

  20. Look at you lookin' all hot this week!!

  21. I love Tuesday's look! You look great. Congrats on landing the opportunities to go to NYC and London.

    I know exactly how you feel! Over Spring Break, I went to Wash, D.C. the first time by myself and was so nervous. Luckily, I was set up with a friend of a friend and stayed with her. She's busy this December, so I plan on staying in D.C. by myself! I'm nervous about getting a taxi and traveling in the city by myself. Plus, I plan on staying at a hostel---so I'll be living dorm-style with strangers for a week. I'm so nervous, but I get to go back to the Smithsonian--which is amazing--so I guess I'll just have to get over my fears!

  22. I love the color of those red bong pants!

  23. like the red pants!!! :)

  24. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! ♥ I love it,
    xoxo from Hannie

  25. Your McQ dress is great and it look really good on you!!!


  26. Love your blog :) Maybe you could see mine and tell me your opinion thanks :)

  27. Ah, too bad you're not coming to the premiere here. But if you're going to the New York one then share the love I guess! I'm a total disaster when people upset me in public places. I always cry and always have to flee to cover it up and always then cry again later anyway. So I definitely identify. Hope you find something nice with the gift card though, none of my damn colleagues who ever made me cry got anything like that for me!

  28. feel better babe, guys don't always know how to say something but I have to tell you I once didn't travel alone and I regretted it and now it pushes me to do everything I'm afraid of. Since then I've traveled alone (not that bad at all!) and had some other amazing experiences. I like this saying, even if it's from Bill Cosby haha, "Decide you want it more than you're afraid of it" always helps me :) . Hopefully people will be more sensitive!! Can't WAIT to see your whole HP outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!


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