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Project Runway Season 8: Week 14 (FINALE!)

  Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged: 
Well Thursday was the finale of Project Runway!!  I really enjoyed it and was happy with their decision (but I would have been happy with anyone since I liked them all).  Here are some of my favorite looks from their collections. (click to see them larger)

Gretchen: Her collection is definitely the most wearable, I could see myself wearing a lot of the items, but it also had a sense of surprise with the prints. The first is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I would rip it off the model ;)
Mondo: I really loved Mondo's collection, but some of it was just a bit too crazy for me to wear, I'm not brave enough.  Once again he showed how he really is a master mixing of prints.
Andy: His was my least favorite but there were a few pieces I absolutely loved.  I feel like he lost himself a bit in the collection because he always made much stronger looks during the season that I missed here. But I would definitely wear the polka dot pants outfit, gorgeous!
And here are looks I enjoyed from the other designers that got to show at Fashion Week along with a few words about them.
Michael C: OH MY GOD! I want it all! He should have been in the final 3.
Christopher: Gorgeous! I want the first one.
Valerie: Not bad :)

April:  Very pretty and flowy.
Casanova:  Cool makeup, odd clothes.
Ivy: Meh, these are the only ones I'd consider wearing.
Michael D: Oh dear...dislike :/

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  1. April's were my faves though not really new. I didn't like Gretchen's as I feel like I could find that already... Mondo really reminds me of Todd Oldham. I think he should have won.

  2. Michael C clothes are gorgeous! these are red carpet dresses!


  3. If I could take a few pieces from Gretchen..and a few from Mondo...Id be a happy girl, lol:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. You've made a cool selection of images!!
    visit my blog too and if you like it I would be happy to have you in my followers!
    keep in touch!!

  5. Totally agree with your comment on Michael C.
    Great post!

  6. Love your blog!!!
    See mine and follow me!!!

  7. I wish April or Michael C could have been in the top 3 instead of Andy! I loved Mondo's first look on the runway, bubble dress and the long polka-dot dress.

  8. Love project runway! These clothes are gorgeous.
    Really like your blog:)

  9. I can't believe gretchen won... terrible!!!! there were people who had such great pieces... way better than hers!


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