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Christmas Music Must Haves

  Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
Decided to do another non-fashion post today, ha ha.  It's finally time for me to listen to Christmas music all day so I figured I'd share my favorite Christmas CDs with you guys, I've been listening to most of these since I was born thanks to my parents. Sorry if you don't celebrate Christmas and these posts are annoying you...I promise I won't be totally Christmas crazy on here, but I'm doing a movie post too ;)  Anyway, click the photos below to listen to samples or buy the CDS!

The Carpenter's Christmas Portrait is my all time favorite Christmas CD.
 Christmas Portrait
Oddly enough this is the one time of year I don't mind Country music, sort of.  Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger's 'Once Upon A Christmas' CD is one of my favorites and normally I wouldn't listen to them.
Once Upon a Christmas
Here's a favorite from my teen years when everyone was obsessed with boy bands.  N-Sync's 'Home for Christmas' is quite good even if you don't like them.  My mom even tolerates it sometimes.
Home for Christmas
Amy Grant is another artist I don't normally listen to, but her Christmas CDs are amazing!  Definitely must listens:
Home for ChristmasChristmas Album
Other Christmas CDs I enjoy:
A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special SnowboundWhen My Heart Finds ChristmasJames Taylor at ChristmasHome Alone Christmas
and lots more...but I won't bore you with them all.
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  1. I love Christmas, great post <3

  2. Awwww. James Taylor songs are the best. And I didnt know about the NSync Christmas album. Must listen to it soon. Thanks for this post!

    Zeng of TheBeehive.

    PS: We are having a giveaway. Hope you guys could join! :)

  3. N'SYNC. YES. YEESSS. Ok the classics are there, but there's nothing better than drinking on christmas eve belting out some N'SYNC.

  4. i love the carpenters cd and nsync (lol - i loved them when i was 13!)

  5. i actually think i like the Nsync christmas album. i can't believe it's already xmas time!


  6. IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET! Haha, nice round up though!

  7. NYSNC.... lovely post.
    enjoyed it.

  8. I love the David Bowie/Bing Crosby Christmas cover -- and Feliz Navidad.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Love Christmas - it's the best time of the year..

  10. oh yes christmas! I love listening to the fleet foxes to get in the holiday spirit :)

    if you have some spare time, check out my blog :)

  11. Ah, christmas time, you're right, let's listen to christmas music to be in the mood !

  12. you should listen to sufjan steven's christmas album OR weezer do great versions of christmas carols. you can't beat the classics though!

    x fi

  13. i need to check these out! been looking for some good alternative christmas music =)

  14. Must buy some of these ~ thanks for the suggestions!


  15. N*sync's definitely a must! ... I'm loving Glee's christmas album, actually I posted about it today! :P

  16. I'm going to start putting together my christmas playlist soon too. Mostly traditional withh a dash of Mariah Carey,taylor swift and glee though ahah.

  17. im loving these Christmas posts!!! My mum always used to play Angel Voices, its a boys choir singing christmassy songs and abba, totally cheesy but i love it now cos it reminds me so much of christmas! :)

  18. i am gonna make a list and get in the xmas mood!!!


  19. YAY! Nsync their christmas song is my all time favorite :) Up for this! :D

  20. Omg Nsync! Talk about a throwback, love it!

  21. Nice post , i love christmas song :)
    check my new blog post " Work Hard Play Hard " and leave ur comment again, thanks....

  22. haha i will always look nsync! the song i like to listen to is last christmas covered by jimmy eat world and the glee version.


  23. Ahaha yesss! I remember rocking out to N'Sync back in the day. I have to say though, you forgot about Mariah Carey ;)

  24. I'm on HP #3 and now totally get your love affair!

    ps-bring on the James Taylor and the NSYNC! WOOHOO!


  25. Charle Brown Christmas CD is one of my favorites :)

  26. oh, i love this post!! christmas time, yeah! :D


  27. Thanks for telling me about the Vogue feature! I just wish there was my head!!!! lol
    Could you scan it and send it to me?
    I love listening to Chritmas songs!!!!!!! Great post!

  28. NSYNC. Just looking at the album I'm singing "Merry Christmas...and haaappy holidaaays" in my head. Gosh, I was so obsessed with them once upon a time. Haha.

    And Harry Connick Jr is about my biggest guilty pleasure. Love, love, love his voice. I bought a CD of his that came out around Valentine's of...2004, I think, and for years I would play it when I was going to sleep. It was such a pretty album.

  29. Amy Grant is one of my favs :-) Great picks!

  30. you forgot Tori Amos and Mariah Cary!

  31. I will always love Home Alone 2. :) I grew up watching it when I was a kid. It's like the very core of every Christmas movie.


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