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  Friday, December 10, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 
This week was COLD!! So that means winter is finally here!! YAYYYY!  Now we just need some snow, and definitely a White Christmas *crosses fingers* (Sorry for the horrible photos this week but I was rushing since I had to turn my car on early to let it warm up, haha...I need to start waking up earlier. Tuesday's face was horrible but it was the best shot I had...haha)
Jeans - American Eagle $0
Top - Willi Smith $15
Sweater - Forever 21 $11.80
Boots - No.704b. $19

Dress - ASOS $17
Sweater - gift
Boots - vintage $12

Jeans - Hollister
Tee - American Eagle
Sweater - gift
Shoes - from co-worker

Jeans - Sass & Bide $30
Sweater - Hollister $15
Flats - Chaps $8

Dress - Marc Jacobs $36
Sweater - American Eagle gift
Heels - Forever 21 $25.80
I also went a little crazy and tried to some gymnastics poses, sadly I never had the camera at the right position...haha...I'll try again soon though ;) And in case you were wondering, I did gymnastics for 13 years, there's a video on the blog somewhere...haha...I'll have to post it again soon so you can see me in my prime ;)  

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  1. wow gymnastic ....not everyone can do it ... especially the fatty like me .

  2. I like your outfits! Those looks great ^^ Wow, it would be cool those gymnastics -moves! *o*

  3. i like your monday look the best - and you have some serious gymnast skills!

  4. You're very good gymnasts .... This is great .... Congratulates:)

  5. Cool..
    I like the wednesday look! simple, casual, comfortable..

  6. I love your streamlined winter silhouette. Perfect.

    -La Copine

  7. My car needs to be started 5 min in advance lol... Tuesday my favorite! love dresses with cardis!

  8. Sweet handstand! And I love that you just blacked out your Tuesday face - I want to do that so many times with my photos but I usually wind up deleting the whole photo. I love the Friday look - the dress and heels are such a classic, professional look and I love the effect you get when toss a casual sweater on over top.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. I love your striped cardigan. I'm super impressed with you gymnastics skills. I did gymnastics for approximately one year before realizing I was terrible!


  10. Thank you very much:*
    Stylization on Friday charmed me:)

  11. You shouldn't have blurred your face on Tuesdays photo. I'm sure it wasn't that bad! And I really love Tuesday's outfit.

    Very impressive with those flips and handstands! A round of applause to you my dear!


  12. What a fun little fact to know about you! I was in gymnastics when I was younger, but once I got into middle running became my priority. But I have always loved gymnastics, so it's cool to know! That first picture turned out pretty neat! Maybe you could get someone to take the photos for you.

    Also, I love the two long cardigans you wore this week, my fav! :)


  13. The gymnastics photos are so fun! I remember watching your video clip when you posted it.
    Taking outfit photos in the winter can be so hard! The lighting, the location. It is becoming so difficult!

  14. Great outfits, i love tuesday!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  15. The outfit from Monday is really classy!!

  16. I love your poses! They're great! You must have been a talented gymnast ; )

    I love your sweater from Thursday by the way!

  17. Monday and Thursday are my favorites. I love the pop of color in both looks against the darker background.
    Your first gymnastic pose is really awesome. I wish I could do things like that. It really shows off your jeans, your butt, your tiny waist, and your sexy shoes all at the same time.

  18. Ha I love the gymnastics poses :)

  19. Monday is my favourite and you look as though you are a very good gymnast

  20. I love the post and your blog is great!

  21. Get out of town! The poses are brilliant! I think you should model all your outfits whilst balancing on your hands :)

  22. wow! I don't think I could be that bendy wearing jeans! x

  23. ahh crazy cool gymnastics, really want to see that video now!!

  24. although your face is covered, i like the tuesday outfit!

    haha nice hand stand.

    xx Kenny

  25. WOWWWWWWWWW impressive!!! looking stylish while doing that! Impressive!!! i'll check the video out!

  26. I didn't know you did gymnastics! That's awesome! I mean, I did gymnastics too...when I was five. I kind of wish I would have continued, but I'm a bit top heavy for it all.

    Your monday outfit is my favorite, btw. Those boots are fabulous!

  27. Tuesday's outfit is my favorite!!! So pretty, especially the boots. And nice gymnastic poses!

  28. Haha, your poses are great! and I love monday's look!

    Chic on the Cheap

  29. These outfits are darling! And I like those gymnastic photos. Hehe. ;)

  30. your gymnastic photos add so much more flavor to your post! I like it :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  31. Hahaha! Completely random with the gymnastic moces (very impressive though) And with the blacked out face... were you having a bad week?


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