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L'OCCITANE en Provence (& Giveaway Winners)

  Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
Back in November when I was staying in New York City for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere, our hotel had some great products for us to use.  It was a brand that I had never heard of, L'OCCITANE en Provence.  The moment I used the lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner I was in love!  The products smell great and leave you feeling clean and fresh! We even found a retail store in NYC while we were walking around so we were able to try a few of the other scents and products. I really liked the Shea Butter Hand Cream, but sadly it was $26.  [Off topic:  I wore my McQ Dress and Moschino Blazer that day and the employees were all asking me about them, haha...I felt cool ;)]

The products we had in our hotel were the Verbena scent, which I think smells like lemon PEZ, mmmm. I found out that it is a limited edition item so if you like that scent, snap it up quick!  The stuff is a bit expensive, but the product works so it's worth it if you like lotions.  The travel sizes are $8 each.
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Make sure to check out the site and see all the great scents they have! When you order you get 2 free samples as well as a free gift wrapping kit. AND right now they are having a promotion where you get free shipping on orders over $40!

L'Occitane en Provence

They are also having a promotion if you sign up for their newsletter you get an exclusive Best of Loccitane welcome offer, free with your next $25 purchase, exclusive promotions and special VIP store events, be entered to win a trip to Provence and more.

The randomly picked winners of the 500 Followers Giveaway are Rebecca, Courtney Erin, Lydia, and Laura. I will be emailing each of you shortly so you can decide which prize you want.  I'm emailing in the order above so the last girl will get what's left (but they are all good prizes so hopefully you won't be disappointed).  This also means it may be a little while before the last 3 get emailed depending on how fast the others reply ;)
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  1. Congrats to the winners.....very cool:)

  2. congrats to the winners..i love l'occitane :)

  3. Yay - I won! Sorry, had to get that out.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. My bestie keeps that goodness in her guest bath...I LOVE visiting her!

  5. You are supposed to steal the shampoos from hotels, that is what they are there for!
    And now that you know you like it, you can always ask for it for your birthday, and other such gift giving holidays...

  6. Ah, yes L'Occitane is one of my favorites! I think it was the Four seasons that had this brand as the amenities too, and ever since I stayed there, I've loved the lotions and soap. I may have taken a few extra home too. :) xo


  7. L'Occitane products are so amazing!


  8. I have always wanted to try this brand, so thanks for the review! And YAY I am so excited to be a winner! I will be thrilled to receive any of the amazing prizes you are offering :)

  9. omg, that smells so good ! x

  10. I love love love your header so so much :)

    And your blog is so so cool :)

  11. You should've ransacked the maid's cart. I'm TOTALLY kidding. Kudos on getting in store notoriety for your outfit!

  12. Ooo it smells like lemon pez? That sounds so delicious! I'm going to have to try to get my hands on a sample!


  13. Oeh nicee! congratzz to the winners :)!

  14. The almond oil shower gel from this brand is just soooo great!

  15. I have never tried L'occitane but lemon PEZ sounds like a great scent.

  16. They're products are amazing! I have the hand cream and it has made my hands so soft in a matter of days! Love the new illustrations on your blog.

  17. Congrats to the winners!

  18. Congrats to the winners. Occitane is a great brand though I confess to using it very rarely 'coz of the cost.

  19. Awesome! haha, I totally take the hotel samples as well ;)

  20. haha at first when i read the names of the winners i was like ohh! i finally won something!... but then, i realized it was a different laura - plus, i don't think i even entered this giveaway. silly me. (:

    the lemon pez-smelling scent sounds interesting!

  21. I love PEZ! Great review. I'll have to check the brand out.

  22. I love l'Occitane too, we used to get it free at work sometimes and I only just finished using one of the perfumes, I think it was Cote d'Azure... I'm onto their Cherry Blossom one now as a friend gave it to me. Definitely a great find, all their stuff smells fantabulous!

  23. hello! have u ever seen my blog? :)


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