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  Friday, April 29, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 
This was a very nasty week weather-wise, but I tried to ignore that when I got dressed every morning. Friday is a bit dark, but it happens, ha ha. I am so sad I wasn't able to watch the Royal Wedding as it was airing this morning, I would have had to get up at 4am. But I will hopefully watch a bit before I go to work, if not I'll watch when I get home. Nothing terribly exciting happened this week sadly...just work, sleep, watching too much tv.

I'm excited for this weekend, tomorrow I'm making French Macarons for Sunday, and Sunday we're going to my aunts for our second Easter.  I'm also going to look at BluRay players since my DVD player is dying and WB sent me all the Harry Potter movies on BluRay, haha. AND I'm going to try to find my dress/accessories for High Tea in London. I figure if I spend my whole budget at the beginning of the month on things I need it will curb my unnecessary spending because I'll have no money left ;)
Monday: Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (eBay) $27, Blazer: Marc by Marc Jacobs (eBay) $?, Wedges: Crown Vintage (DSW) $45
Tuesday: Dress: Calvin Klein (Marshalls) $30, Sweater: Forever 21 $11.80, Belt: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Marshalls) $7, Heels: Target $20
Wednesday: Dress: McQ by Alexander McQueen gift, Sweater: Urban Behavior hand-me-down, Sandals: Simply Vera Wang $20

Thursday: Jeans: American Eagle $0, Top: Urban Outfitters $8, Sweater: Kohl's gift, Wedges: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx) $20

Friday: Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (eBay) $27, Sweater: American Eagle gift, Flats: vanEli gift
I haven't actually watched the wedding yet but I had to take a look at Kate's dress! I'm SO glad she wore Alexander McQueen, she looks amazing.

UPDATE 2: Okay, I watched the highlights before leaving for work, Kate walking in, the vows and them leaving and I was able to watch the kiss(es) live! Later I'll probably skim through the whole thing since my Mom recorded it.

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  1. Yeah, I was prepared not to like her dress, but it was gorgeous. Great choice!

    Also, second Easter? Lucky! And love Monday's look, especially the shoes!

  2. I am so in love with your Monday and Wednesday looks...oh, and Kate's McQueen dress!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Her dress is so lovely, and I love your outfit, especially the blazer in the first, it's gorgeous! x

  4. I am so glad I found your blog! I love your style, and got to see a few Royal Wedding updates. I'm LOVING her dress. McQueen was a great choice and she looks absolutely amazing.
    Have a great day!

    P.S. There's a giveaway just in time for summer over on City Brewed!


  5. I loved her dress!! Happy Friday xx

  6. Oooh loving the first and second look! That orange C.K. dress is so pretty.


  7. You are having a pretty awesome shoe week - those coral wedges are gorgeous!

  8. Love the red dress/gold belt combo...very nice color on you!

  9. monday and tuesday do it for me :D, kates dress was so elegant and pretty
    Lydz xX

  10. im so obsessed with this royal wedding. i loved it.

  11. i absolutely loved kate's dress!

  12. Oh make sure you watch them cause there were amazing magical moments, she looked divine! I want a wedding like that, ha ha. Have a lovely weekend dear!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  13. You had some lovely outfits this past week!

    Ahh, you're making macarons? Send me some? :P

  14. I love all of your shoes!! Amazing! I just did a post on the royal wedding - check it out if you want :)

    Hey you should check out Ebay for Burberry :) you can find some good deals :)

    Thanks for your comment!


  15. French Macarons sounds yummy! I love your McQueen dress and the pink cardigan you paired it with

  16. I loved Kate's McQueen dress,very chic!

    The Flower Girl

  17. loved you in the red dress! And Kate looked absolutely stunning! Hope you have a great weekend. xo

  18. love monday and tuesday :)

  19. It seems that you going to have an amazing weekend: Macarons + second easter + too much TV = perfection for me :)

    I love the outfits, my favourites are tuesday and wednesday, but definetly you should try the hairstyle of thursday more often! I really love that simple wavy hairstyle :)

    See you!

  20. I like the Thursday look - that blue really suits you and the shape of the top is interesting.

    The best thing to do when faced with barely-controlled spending is to make lists of everything you're buying, why you're buying it and how much it costs. That way you can see your priorities!

    K xx

  21. Might there be any extra French Macarons to bring into work on Monday?

  22. Your outfit on Wed is amazing. I am jealous of that dress!

    I love lace I find it so elegant so I was very plesed to see it on Kate's dress. It reminded me a bit of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

  23. Oh god the weather has been awful here too until today so I haven't really wanted to dress nice at all!
    OMG yeah, I watched most of it live then saw the kiss in the highlights since I think there was still half an hour to an hour to go when I went to be (about 11:30 for me) and the hymns... so not exciting! lol

  24. Kate looked incredible, but Pippa's dress stole my heart!

  25. You look simple and perfect in all of the looks! :)

    You really should check the Royal wedding, it was amazing :)


  26. I loved Kate's dress. I'm glad to see sleeves are becoming more popular. I like cap sleeves and lace three-quarter length the best.

    I really like your jacket in your first look and the Steve Madden shoes. What color are they? Pink? Nude?


  27. Lovely Pictures! I am glad Kate wore Alexander McQueen too.

    Heel in Mint

  28. Those Steve Madden wedges you found for only $20 are adorable- way to go!
    I suddenly feel an overwhelming need for pink wedges that I was completely unaware of before I saw those...

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. love all of the outfits, especially the first two because they work soo well. The solid color dress and then the darker layers look great and are so practical!

  31. great outfits!!!!!

  32. aaaaaaaaah I always drool over your amazing legs! the red number is my fave :) and yes, kate was like a fairytale princess!

  33. Loved the purple dress and how fabulou Kate looked in AMcQueen?
    Sarah is fabulous
    lee x

  34. You look so beautiful!
    Love the shoes :D x

  35. I like Your second look.
    I watched the whole transmission of the wedding :)
    I was suprised there was no kiss in church. :)

  36. Your look with the red dress is wonderful! Love it.

    XO Charlotte

  37. oh you have the most awesome shoes collection!

    I love all of them!


  38. Hey there!
    I love that first purple dress :)
    To answer your question, a box of 6 was the cheapest set. It was 14 euros, but I think you can just get them individually for 1.60 euro each. The boxes are so pretty though, they are worth it!

  39. cute outfits! I like a lot the one with the red dress!

  40. i like tuesday look
    loved kate's dress - elegant and classy

  41. I love Alexander McQueen's dresses, and yours looks fabulous!


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