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Closet Fashionista's Spending Challenge: April Recap

  Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
UGH! Another VERY bad month, shame on me!! I did stay under budget, but just barely, I promise I'll be better next month... I didn't count my NYC trip at the beginning of the month because it was a business trip for my Potter site, and all I bought was food, which is a necessity when you're away from home.

You guys always think I do so well with my monthly budget but in truth is is SO HARD! I am such a huge shopaholic, if I go shopping when I'm in the right mood bad things can happen, as seen on April 9th.  I truly have a shopping problem, it is like in Confessions of a Shopaholic, except I do have more control and don't have any debt (I have plenty of money saved, but I need to start saving more if I want a house of my own soon), but the same things go through my head.  So it could get to that point if I let it, which I won't.  I am determined to keep my spending low and stay within my budget.

I did make $45 babysitting that I took off of my ending total, so that helped me go back under budget. And also, Warner Bros. kindly sent me a free copy of the Deathly Hallows BluRay so I returned that one with my receipt from Target meaning that's $24 more taken off! YAY!
SUBTRACT: $45 for babysitting
SPENT: $164
LEFT: $36

Also, I added another amendment to the contract which is as follows:
As of May 2011 the spending limit has decreased to $150 and my budget is only for clothes.  Based on my spending I feel that this is a much better way to control myself because my problem with shopping is clothes. I don't buy much else and when I do buy things that aren't clothes its very infrequent and something I need. So when I do need to buy other things I don't want that to hinder my clothing budget. But I did feel like I needed to lower the budget since it is only for clothes.  

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  1. I definitely feel like rebecca bloomwood sometimes (maybe all the time) too!
    I have lots of days when I think "what the hell, it's only money, why can't o just buy what i want?"
    I think a clothing specific budget is a good switch.
    And you did do good this month!

  2. Awesome! I wish I could be that organized, but unfortunately I'm such a mess when it comes to shopping and money, you've done great purchases!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  3. Well, if it is any consolation, it does sound like you made some great buys!!

  4. Damn, looking at all these numbers scares me. I can't believe you are able to stay under budget with such an enthusiasm for shopping. I think you're doing pretty damn well! Better than I would be, at least ;)

  5. haha you're so funny with the contract. but i feeeel ya, it's hard to stay under budget

  6. i think it's great you're able to have a budget and stick to it. i'm terrible at it. so really, you've done an amazing job. don't be too hard on yourself.

  7. Love, love Rebecca Bloomwood. Haven't picked up the last book as yet. I think you're doing pretty well on the budget

  8. You did great! You saved money!
    I really need to budget myself like you do!

  9. I think many of us who are bloggers and fashion bloggers have problems with not spending! I have to say you've done well just keep holding on strong. I put a reminder on my phone to not works. most of the time lol

  10. Congrats for staying within your budget! I think it's great you keep track of what you spend, especially at such a young(er) age when so many people tend to get into credit card debt.

  11. That's probably a good amendment but I know how hard it is to control the budget when the clothing season changes so don't beat yourself up too much :) Here's to being good girls in May!!

  12. I think you did another amazing job! You always manage to stay on budget and get great things! xo

  13. I think you do a pretty good job at not spending much - I think if you saw my spending totals for the month you would freak out LOL

  14. I've been quite bad this month (mostly today, hehe) as well. And it's only clothes that push me over as well... and flights, I guess, but I kind of need those... bah!


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