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Spending Challenge: May Recap & A New Philosophy

  Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 
This was my first month where my budget is only for clothes.  I think this works a little better for me so I'm glad I changed my rules, ha ha.  I only bought things that I really liked and should wear a lot, but a couple were a bit more expensive than things I usually buy so I'm a little mad at myself. I need to get used to spending more money for better pieces. I also returned that Proenza Schouler for Target dress, I was going to take the $40 I got back off my total but since I was under budget I decided to just leave it, ha ha.
  • May 4th - A|Wear Sweater ASOS $44.85
  • May 5th - Zara Leopard Skirt (eBay) $29.90
  • May 7th - 3 Tops from TJ Maxx $37.98 
  • May 13th - Skirt from Ruche $12.99 (had a $25 gift card from Bonnie's giveaway)
Total: $125.72
LEFT: $24.28

[Beware: Huge Ramble Ahead]

Also, I have decided I'm going to try yet another approach to budgeting/shopping. It's really just a trial and error time for me to figure out what works best.  This time it is Becky-May who has inspired my new way of shopping, last month she posted about Dead Fleurette's Perfect Wardrobe posts (1 and 2).

I have decided I am going to TRY to cut out clothing shopping for the next 2 to 3 months [except while I'm on my London/Paris/NYC trip...haha...and perhaps if I find something awesome at the net-a-porter sale].  My closet has started to explode with clothes that I don't really need, some of which I just don't have the heart to get rid of because of memories.
[this is the clean part of my closet, the bottom is exploding with tank tops, tshirts (that I barely wear) &, jeans/shorts & more shoes]

If I'm able to stick to this then every couple of months I can splurge on a classic designer piece that will last forever. For example, some black pumps (perhaps some CLs?...), a perfect blazer, that rose gold Michael Kors watch ;) etc.  Of course I'll still keep with my thrifty ways and try to get them below retail when  possible. Lately I've noticed that my basic outfit is a dress with either a sweater or blazer.  If I'm not in a dress I usually go for jeans and then a sweater or blazer.

My plan, as I said, is to not shop for a while but instead think about items that I need in my wardrobe and make a wish list of pieces I think will be timeless. I find that a lot of the time I am not totally satisfied with my purchases because I settled on something because it was cheaper than what I really wanted. But if I keep to this, I will be able to buy what I really want.

I probably picked a bad time to do this since it's summer and I'll probably go on shopping trips with my friends, but I will try to be strong.  What do you this a good idea?

And because I'm nice, here's a full shot of my closet so you can see the messyness at the bottom ;)

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  1. I wish my closet looked this "messy" :) I love all the shoes :)

    Fashion Fractions

  2. I think it sounds like a really good idea - I've actually started doing sort of the same thing recently and it's working really well so far (although I allow myself to buy whatever I want at thrift shops).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. i think it's a good idea too, i'm having the same problem so i'm starting to throw stuff out and buy sparingly...don't know how long it'll last though haha.

  4. I try and spend that way. I would rather have a smaller wardrobe filled with essential key items that are timeless and that I love. Than a large wardrobe of things I only somewhat like.

    You have great taste and I am sure you will be able to save up and buy your desired classic designer pieces!

  5. That's a good idea, I'll try to do that too;)
    Btw I just loove your closet !


  6. I think that is an excellent idea! Buying timeless pieces that you really want every once and a while is much more practical! I wish I thought I could do this lol. Love the layout of your closet by the way! You really maximize the space.

  7. i like it! it looks organized and i like the idea of the shoes on the top = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  8. i wish you luck! i could never do it haha

  9. ur closet is so neat and clean, love it :D

  10. i wish my closet looked like this. and had all your clothes too!

  11. Oh yes, it a great idea but Im not sure about the results, You know, sometimes there is the girl with the perfect idea in her mind but then there are the sales.. and .. Bye bye "perfect idea" lol
    You know what I mean ;)

    See you and have a great day!

  12. I like that you have a budget and its important to do so you don’t go into debt!

    I have been not spending on clothes at all except to alter pieces that have been gifted to me. I realise I am spending more though with alterations than anything else : ( so will have to change that around…though I have to say its probably worth it in the end….

    Xoxo good luck with the new budget

  13. That sounds like a great idea! I also wish my closet looked like yours!!

  14. No shopping for 2-3 months?! Not sure how I would be able to do that, but I believe you can do it! Good luck doll! :)


  15. I want to start getting rid of some stuff as well, but I definitely have trouble giving away items with sentimental value. :(

  16. Definitely agreed that buying timeless, well made pieces of clothing is the way to go. You and your closet will thank each other in the years to come!

  17. ♥nice post.)) love your blog.)♥

  18. I know exactly what you mean, and yes it is a good idea! I think, as bloggers, we can get caught up in purchasing because "we are so inspired" and "this will look great on my blog" and "my blog friends will understand this awesome piece when it is added to my wardrobe!"... we forget that we already own stuff....
    Good luck, stay strong!

  19. Your closet isn't so bad.. Mine is simply exploding, clothes jump out at me any time they want to. Love you shoe collection :)


  20. Yes, I think it's a good idea. You can buy something you really want and will keep forever instead of buying cheap pieces here and there that you won't wear as often. I'm trying to do the same thing! Wish us luck!

  21. Haha, did you blur out the messiest bit at the bottom?

    I hear you, I've just showed up at my boyfriend's, and there is literally nowhere to put my stuff. I can't get rid of most of it because I'm sentimental, but it's driving me completely nuts. I'm also trying to save up for some cool stuff. It's hard, but I think sooo worth it. Mind you, my cool stuff isn't exactly basics! ; D

  22. nice challenge, but Ohhhhh!
    I am in love with your closet!
    gosh, I can't find place in mine :)

    see me:

  23. Can you come organize my closet? Pretty please? And I tend to shop less in summer and more in fall. Fall fashion lures me in! :)

  24. yeah i think you should try it out. I mean you can always change your mind later if its not working out. Best of luck!

  25. Yes, I love your idea. I am trying it also!! First on my list is a really good quality leather jacket, one which I will have forever. I wouldn't say no to a MK watch either!!:)SarahD

    PS Your wardrobe is so tidy. You should see mine! haha

  26. i like your wish list approach. i think i should start doing that myself! i could definitely benefit from saving a little extra cash!

  27. I think your closet looks really nice!


  28. This does sound like a really good idea, I've thought about doing something similar loads of times, but as soon as it hits pay day I hit the shops. Doh! xxx

  29. Way to stay under budget! And um...your closet is so organized! I need you to do mine like that! haha xo

  30. now that's a neat closet. i think you're right. you need to hold off on the shopping and splurge on a designer piece.

  31. I think that's a great idea! It makes so much more sense to save for a few months for a piece that you will love and will last you forever! I wish you luck though, I'd be awful at trying not to buy when I go out shopping! :)


  32. That is a tidy closet. And I love your selection of shoes

  33. I say go for it, but if you see something you seriously can't live without during your trip.. get it! Hahah I'm such a bad influence ;)

  34. nice closet! :)

    wish i had mine like this.

    i think its okay to spend more for exceptional pieces. totally agree that its better to invest in classic pieces. something that would really last. i have a bunch of clothes in my closet that has been there like forever and still get to wear them today. its best to have good quality clothes.

  35. My shopping philosophy is actually really similar--only spend a teeny tiny amount on a monthly basis, and then splurge on investment-worthy pieces. And absolutely NO shopping at Forever 21 (and I try to avoid H&M as well). Waste is never fashionable, and I try to avoid cheap, disposable clothing!

    You have amazing restraint though, my dear. I'm always in awe of how closely you stick to your budget!

  36. Your intentions are noble, and sound very mature and responsible and I wish you the best of luck.

    I will say this however: If you are someone who is inclined to shop, someone who enjoys shopping, who sees new trends and wants so badly to partake in them, then this might not work.

    Becuase I told myself I can't buy another new bag for the rest of the year, and it was fine while I was avoiding looking at bags but then I looked and now, now I'm like a rabid bag hound touturing myself because I know I don't need another bag but I want it so badly.

    Chic on the Cheap

  37. I probably should make a budget for my clothes shopping as well, sometimes I tend to spend too much :)



  38. you are so good with your budgeting. i'm the absolute worst! and yes, you should reward yourself with something special and classic for being so good. i love the MK rose gold watch!

  39. I love your closet! I really wanna same looking closet like yours <3

  40. I wish my closet was that big! All my stuff is literally stuffed to the max in mine.When I open it everything falls out haha

  41. your closet is so big and very organised! jealous!

    jenna xxx

  42. I love how organized your closet is! It looks great!

  43. Just- wow, such a well structured closet, love all the shoes!! x

  44. I really like dead fluerette's philosophy towards building a wardrobe. It was one of the things that caused me to rethink how I shopped. Good luck with your challenge :)


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