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Requested Dress for Less: Cropped Pullover

  Monday, August 15, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
Last week my lovely friend Emily (of Ruby Slipper Journeys) asked for my help in finding a similar sweater to this Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Cropped Crew Neck Pullover. She didn't have a specific price but asked that it be, "a grey, pullover cropped sweater (it has to be cropped as a lot of my dresses are high waisted). It doesn't have to be cheaper, well, not cheaper than the sale price, but if it's on the expensive side I want it to be made out of some reasonable material... like wool!" we go!

The sale price was $62 [retail is $205] so I tried to stay under it, but that's a pretty good amount of dough so I was confident! But boy was this hard!!! I kept finding perfect sweaters, but they weren't cropped so that crossed them off the list.  Hopefully these few choices suffice! :) [I did throw in an expensive one too though] What I find amusing is that it is so hard to find the perfect simple piece, like the perfect blazer for example. So we all end up settling for something less than perfect (though we may end up loving it more than what we were originally searching for)
H&M - $19.95  [not exactly cropped but its a great price and a great match]
Rubbish - $38 [this one has pockets, but otherwise its a good match]
Bridgette Bailey - $65
Splendid - $79.00

There was also this cropped McQ sweater but it has lighter grey on the sleeves which isn't what Emily wanted, you may see it here though!

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  1. I like the bridgette bailey the best!

  2. I love the inspiration sweater and I love the H&M version- it would be perfect for work! =)

    star-crossed smile

  3. I think I'd take the H&M version too. I would wear these to death so there's no point spending all that $$$

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  4. I love your blog! You have great style and I love your features, especially Dress for Less and Inspiration!

    Modern Cameo

  5. Amazing things!! I really adore reading your blog...:)
    Mela xx

  6. Oooh I am loving these!! Wish I could find them in South Africa :( Happy Monday hun! xx

  7. I love the birdget bailey the best (haha, of course i go for the most expensive) but the color is perfect, and i like the scoopier neckline.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. love your post!! I buy on line but some of these webs are new for me!!! thanks for sharing it!!!

  9. I love that H&M one - you found quite a few good candidates.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. I love that H&M one... I will wear that.. hahaha
    lee x

  11. I love cropped tops

  12. Yeah!! she will be happy :)

    Also you did a great job.
    See you.

  13. Great finds love! I am obsessed with cropped tops at the moment!


  14. You definitely found some great choices! You're good at that, I might be back with a request for some things I've been looking for at a cheaper price :)


  15. I will be brutally hones with you - I never wear pullovers because they make me look fat :) I don't wear them, even during the most extreme cold. I'll rather freeze to death :)

  16. Great job! I love the H & M sweater : )

  17. Grat post! I like the h&m one! Their a very good basic to invest on!

  18. thanks! i love those pleated pants. :) i wear em any chance i get. we have a ton of colors at american apparel. we also have a cropped pullover, but these ones are super cute too!

  19. Wow your search was quite thorough. I really love the inspiration and will try the sweater over the dress thing. I like the h&m one even though I'm sure the quality isn't as great as some of the others.

  20. Aw, thanks! I like the Splendid one (grrrr) and also the H&M one. Might try and see if they have that somewhere I can try it on! It's completely true about good basics being hard to find... one of the reasons I hate shopping for basics!

  21. i really do like the bridgette bailey one, its looks perfectly slouchy.

  22. I think the H&M one is my favorite! It is perfect for the preppy look.. which I love all too much. As you know ;)

  23. I love grey jumpers! Not sure why... Think I might have the H&M one, actually.

    K xx

  24. i love this look though i have a hard time pulling it off just right. i really like that rubbish sweatshirt! i bet you could make your own too with a cheap sweatshirt and a little snip of the scissors :)

  25. Nice! I really like them all. I'd probably even buy them all, if i could. I think I could use a few more casual things like this in my life...

  26. Great basics!!

  27. I've been searching for this kind of blouse since 4 ever :)

    Lots of hugs,

  28. Great finds. Love them all. And just good deals, too!

  29. You are good in "dress for less" :)

  30. i really love that one with pockets <333


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