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{new-ish in} Later Gator!

  Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Before I get to my post check out my feature on Smashion!

Yesterday we had the day off work for President's Day.  I was looking forward to being very productive, doing a fun outfit shoot and relaxing. But that didn't happen. I did nothing until 4pm and then I decided to finally do something.  I got out my fashion magazines that I picked up from my parent's house yesterday to read and took some photos of my new Alligator pin! I actually got this a few weeks ago when I visited a friend at Yale, but haven't found the perfect way to wear him yet.  Then I realized that he matches my DKNY coat perfectly! So he has a new permanent spot in my closet and will finally start seeing the daylight! (in the summer I'll have to find some other ways to wear him)

Coat: DKNY, Pin: Laila Rowe in New Haven $10, Magazines: Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire

And for those of you that don't follow me on Instagram here are some shots from the past 2 weeks.
Shot of my Karl Addict outfit
Oh Chanel counter, how you tempt me!
One of my favorite restaurants, The Chowder Pot
One of my favorite restaurants, The Chowder Pot
Fell in love with this sweater at Urban Outfitters, too bad it was $48
Wanted this Ralph Lauren sweater, but not for $100 (that's on sale)
Crazy BCBG pants ;)

Waiting for my roomie at Target
Watching Willy Wonka!
Tasty biscuits I made
Playing Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit because I'm awesome
My boots in front of a quilt my mom made

About Closet Fashionista

Loves to get bargains on clothes and is obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. She also has a slight obsession with movies.

You can also find her on the web at her Harry Potter and Matthew Lewis fan sites.


  1. I've always been a lover of animal themed jewelry!


    New post:New designs Day+Evening

  2. LOVE the Karl gloves! Such great pics :)

    From Brooklyn with love,


  3. Love the instagrams darling, that alligator is so pretty.

    Eda ♥

  4. I spend most of my day in a building like 30 feet from Laila Rowe and I always forget to stop in and look around. Thanks to you and your awesome pin for reminding me!

    Courtney ~

  5. Wooooow, i love that aligator pin! My mom is crazy about this sort of things, she has frogs, bugs, flowers, spiders and many others but not an aligator. She will love to see this! :))

  6. Adore those boots!

    oxoxox from San Francisco

  7. I love your new gator brooch - so chic and playful - and it looks fabulous against your plum colored coat.

  8. wow! love this brooch! *.*


  9. Is it bad that I zoned in on the chowder pot menu? I mean, what can I say? I am pregnant. Chowder sounds amazing right about now.

  10. I think it looks perfect on the coat!

  11. sounds like you had a great day off. That pin is lovely and looks perfect riding on your coat collar.

  12. Looove your pin! Looks so much like María Félix would wear.. you have to google her!!
    xx s

  13. It's so cute! This is so weird but looking at your gator reminded me that I had a dream last night about an iguana. RANDOMNESS!

  14. Did you buy the sparkly pants? They are amazing.


  15. You had me at Lord of the Rings Trivia. That is totally awesome. I am a huge fan. Your gator is so cute, I want one!

  16. is your iPhone cover from accessorize ??

  17. Ohh..I want that gator! :-)
    lovely piece..

  18. Oh, this pin is amazing, it looks very interesting!


  19. Congrats on your feature! I do love me your alligator pin AND your instagrams. LOTR Trivial Pursuit makes me happy.

  20. loving the pics!!!

  21. I loved your interview, Megan! And that gator is so cute :)


  22. Ohhh I'm always wasting those days off too. it's a shame. I always think i'm going to be so productive!
    Love your new gator pin!
    Chic on the Cheap

  23. Way cool alligator and instagram photos. I love instagram!


  24. How cool is the pin?!?! Love it! Have a lovely day! xo, Christina

  25. What a cutie he is! I think he needs a name. (Am I the only one who names my animal/bug accessories? Yes? Ok, nevermind ;)

  26. Aw, I love the little Alligator.. I'm such a fan of funky pins since they keep coats and jackets interesting and personalized. Also, those biscuits look yummy!

    P.S. Sorry for being the worst blog friend---again. I've got internet again now though so I hope to be back on track!


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