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{favorite things} Marc Jacobs Velvet Blazer with Polka Dots

  Friday, July 20, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
If you are a long time follower you will have seen this Marc Jacobs blazer quite a few times [here, here, here and more]. It was one of the first, if not THE first, designer pieces I bought. It was 2006 and I spent a whopping $80 on it, not bad when it probably retailed for over $400.  I fell in love with it after I saw it on Emma Watson in 2005 and made it my mission to find it, I am still in search of this one from a photoshoot she did in Teen Vogue the same year which is also Marc Jacobs. (And one Rory Gilmore wore...I have a Marc Jacobs addiction)

I am still searching for the next size up on eBay because mine is a little small. There are a couple available right now, but unfortunately I need a size 8 because of my shoulders and because these run a bit small (I'm usually a 4 or 6 in jackets)...if you are interested: Size 4 $55 | Size 4 $72

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  1. How adorable is this blazer?! So pretty! Happy Friday! xo, Christina

  2. so cute, and nope, way too small for me!
    i love searching out things i see on tv characters...

  3. I absolutely adore that jacket...but too small for me!

    Courtney ~

  4. that is a crazy cute blazer. I hope you can score one in your size!

  5. I do love this laser and I hope you find the ones you want soon!

  6. Love that jacket! I've been looking for a velvet jacket myself! x

  7. Wow! That blazer is devine! Gorgeous! You are such a lucky girl just paying $80 for a desinger piece!! I've been sneaking around your blog & I LOVE it! Your style is awesome! You wear the most amazing clothes! Very inspirational!

    I'm following you from now! Would be lovely if you would visit me aswell..if you like! Have a lovely weekend!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

  8. Great post and I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs, plus the polka dots are so stylish


  9. love the polkadots.

  10. Love that blazer, and love the Rory Gilmore one too! Now you've got me wanting to watch Gilmore Girls again! :)


  11. Ahhhh, that Marc Jacobs blazer. Holy.Cow. It's beautiful!
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