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{outfit} Zanzibar

  Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
I wore this outfit last week to go hang out at home.  I had to pick up some mail and figured I could get a free meal out of it. I didn't miss my family or anything ;) (I see them every week so that's basically true, though I do miss seeing them every day.) I also decided to be a weirdo and take some pictures with a plastic ball, what can I say, I'm strange.

The problem with this dress is that it's so shapeless I can look like a short frump.  So I decided to belt it up top to try to elongate myself. I still prefer the first time I wore this, so I'll probably wear that again before it is no longer appropriate to wear this dress.

Song of the Day: Zanzibar by Billy Joel

Dress: thrifted $6, Sweater: Forever 21 $11, Heels: Guess (Marshalls) $40, Sunglasses: old, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets c/o 31 Bits, Piperlime & Vix

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  1. I'm a big fan of that dress - the print is really pretty and I like both ways that you wore it!

    Courtney ~

  2. Such a beautiful dress! Great for fall:)


  3. Sexy heels!

  4. You did a great job making it look figure-flattering - not frumpy in the slightest! The layers give it just enough structure!

  5. Love the dress! I can't believe you thrifted it for $6!!

  6. I like it and it is very flattering! I love belting a cardi over a maxi to extend summer dresses into fall!

  7. Beautiful dress! it also great with the cardigan.

  8. totally channeling your sachin + babi post from yesterday :-) love the african inspiration! you did the perfect job accentuating the print without getting lost in it.

  9. I'm jealous you're getting to layer already! Maybe in a couple of months here :)

  10. Love those heels!! I'm excited to start layering:) Check out my blog to enter a giveaway if you get a sec.:)
    xo, amy

  11. The print on this dress is awesome! Love how you styled it with the belted sweater.

  12. Yes, layers and belts are always good when it comes to shapless dresses. and i love those sandals.

  13. Love the print on the dress! so perfect for fall!
    xoxo stylelista

  14. Haha, families are always good for free meals! I like the dress and don't think you look frump, but belts are always good for adding some shape anyway. The pattern is too cute not to wear it. :)

  15. Love it!! That skirt is gorgeous :)


  16. the accessories add to the total outfit, which goes really nice with the dress. I like the pictures with the ball - it's unexpected!

  17. I swear you are king at making yourself look SUPER tall!! Love that you decided to belt the cardy over it, looks great :)

  18. Great look!
    I love how you combine all of the different brown tones.


  19. the "tribal" print is pretty cool! i like elephants. found you from whitwatwear

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style

  20. I think the way you belted this dress looks great and the plastic ball is the perfect asscerory. :)


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