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{outfit} London Town

  Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,,, 
Oh London, how I miss it. I always find myself reminiscing about my past 2 trips to that wonderful city and am itching to go back. I went for the first time in July 2011 and then was back again in March 2012 (both times for Harry Potter events,) now I'm going through withdrawals because it has been over a year since my last trip!  This shirt (and all my photos) help me get through the days when I just want to pack up my bags and hop on a plane.  Who wants to go?!

On a totally different note, these jeans used to be longer. I wore them once, then washed & dried them and they shrunk! Weird, right? But I think I like them better cropped like this, don't you? Showing a bit of ankle, scandalous! And, these sandals are 3 years old and are starting to fall apart. I'm quite depressed because they are one of my favorite pairs.  The bottoms are starting to peel (I should probably re-glue them) and strings are starting to come off the straps.

Song of the Day: London Town by James Taylor

Top: Oasis c/o AndOtherBrands, Jeans: Vintage America, Wedges: Simply Vera by Vera Wang (Kohl's), Sweater: old, Sunglasses: Michael Kors (Marshalls), Watch: Skagen (Rue La La), Earrings: Urban Outfitters, Rings: Urban Outfitters, Mom's and c/o Anjolee

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  1. Love your t shirt.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Pastel Hues'. I would love to hear what you think.


  2. I will totally go to London with you - anytime! I always miss that place. And that's such an awesome shirt.

    Courtney ~

  3. I really like your pants this length! And your tee is adorable.

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. What a great look!!!! I am so wishing I was in London too! Lets pack up and go :)


    p.s. i love that you were in london for harry potter. I giggled when I read that!

  5. that is a really cute tee, and I can totally relate to feeling nostalgic to a place you visited and wishing you could go back.

    if i win the powerball tonight, let's plan a trip. (after we go to jcrew)

  6. nothing like wearing a city on your tee! i'm also loving your shoes - modern, yet trendy. they look comfortable, too!

    i'm hosting a giveaway on my site to win an iphone & ipad case from muvarde! hope you check it out:

    allie at

  7. LMAO @ Lydia's comment!! There better be a third ticket in there! HAHA

    Seriously- such a cute shirt..and I hate it when something I love wearing is falling apart and it's so tough to replace them. Everytime I see anything London I think of you now!

  8. Cool tee! It's like once you go to London, you can't never forget! Love how the coral cardi gives a cute color touch.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  9. The pants look great cropped and I love the color of the cardigan :)

  10. I love the colour of the cardigan!


  11. Pretty outfit! Love the colour of you cardigan and the shirt is lovely!

  12. I never buy t shirts from places I visit - however i like the vibe of this one :)

  13. They definitely look better cropped - must be difficult for you to find jeans like that ;) Hehe lookning cute sweets x

  14. love the tee!

    New post on my blog!

  15. Super fun look - loving those skinny pants on you! So chic

  16. I want to go to London so badly! This shirt is definitely a great (and stylish) way to remember it. I'm loving the way these pants shrunk, look at that ankle!

  17. Amazing top, I would love to have it! I always love unique prints

  18. Love your tee, especially paired with that cardi, what a cute color!!

  19. Hi girl! I am just back from London!! Love your shirt by the way. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :

    Love from France

  20. I love the outfit especially the mix of colours. That tee has the best print!

    - Mandi
    Find Me A Muse


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