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{tips} Versatile Fashion Essentials for Summer 2013

  Monday, June 3, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
Are there some gaps in your wardrobe this season? I hope so, because with the number of incredibly exciting trends hitting the catwalks, you have some catching up to do. From sheer-panelled dresses prompting a bit of a ‘side bum’ craze, to eyebrow-raising cut-out numbers, the stars are daring to bare almost all in the name of fashion with some of the most exciting trends we’ve seen for some time.

You’ll be glad to hear that Summer 2013 is not entirely about naked flesh though. In fact, unless you’re particularly body confident and have spent some hardcore hours at the gym this winter, I would advise against going too far down this route. Thankfully, there are also some very exciting and super-wearable trends around too, which you can embrace wholeheartedly with just a few essential pieces.

1. A jazzy jacket - My, my - this season brings us such a wealth of choice in the jacket department! From bold biker jackets to colourful stripes, this season you just need a smart, well-fitting jacket in your wardrobe to finish off any outfit. Lightweight jackets are perfect for the British summer, and if you make a good quality purchase, it will be your best friend over the coming months.

2. A teeny tiny bag - In a swift U-turn from the bucket bags and satchels of recent years, this season’s must-have accessory is the mini bag - a teeny-tiny slip of a bag, barely big enough for your iPhone. Naturally, it’s not the last word in practicality, but if you want to stay on-trend you’ll no doubt get used to carrying less and less junk around with you – who needs excess baggage anyway?
From the post Blue Jay Way

3. A stripy dress - Stripes are here, and they are chunky. No pinstripes for us, thank you very much. The stripes of 2013 are big, bold and colourful. Opt for a nautical air with stripes in navy/white or red/white, or go for something altogether more tropical with a mixture of chunky pastel stripes. The cut of the dress doesn’t matter as there’s something for everyone this season. So whether you prefer maxi elegance or bold bodycon, get it with stripes & you’ll be bang on trend.

4. A lacy top  - Feminine fabrics are so hot right now, and the resurgence in popularity of lace garments is a very welcome one for the girly girls. Add one really gorgeous lace top to your wardrobe this summer, and you’ll be wearing it at both work and play all season. Dress it up with a midi-skirt and ballet flats for the office, or wear it out with super-short Denim Shorts and pumps for a chilled-out beach babe look.

5. A pair of flatforms - Normally our feet are often put through several sorts of pain in order to keep up with the trends, but this year the stylists have given our poor tootsies a break with the introduction of the ‘flatform’. These chunky, funky shoes are a godsend for women who are sick of ridiculously high heels but who can’t bear the lack of height given by flats. Flatforms marry the comfort of flats with the height of platforms and encourage better posture, too. Style with extra comfort - what more could you want?
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This is a guest post; the copy was written by an outside source but I provided imagery. I was compensated in exchange for posting, but it met my standards.

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  1. Love it all, the skirt and the red sandals are one of my fav!

  2. I have both the Chloe mini Marcie bag and Ancient Greek sandals (thong style) - lovely picks!

  3. I don't think I'll be showing off any side bum this year...but I am so on board with a fun patterned jacket!

    Courtney ~

  4. I'm loving the striped dress and all the fun accessories!


    Fierce & Fashionable

  5. Great tips!!! I especially love a good striped dress and a unique looking blazer. The striped dress can be dressed up with heels, professional with a blazer, or casual with a jean jacket! And a good bold jacket is a great way to spice up a plain t-shirt and jeans combo. Thanks for the great post!

  6. Didn't think that sounded like your usual voice ;)
    The printed jacket is so cute - and of course i love my striped dresses!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. That striped jacket is totally me. But I'm thinking I could use a jazzy jacket in my wardrobe :)

    The Perfect Palette

  8. I will NEVER rock side bum! LOL i love that isabel marant jacket!

  9. Well, I have to admit I have at least one of each item in my closet to technically i do not need to shop for this season... yeah, right.

  10. That Chloe bag! So gorgeous. And I love those sandals in that last pic!

  11. GOod thing I read the fine print that it was a guest post!
    I do love the round ups of must haves..and luckily I have most of it in my closet..except for the Chloe bag which will remain NOT in my closet!! Maybe if I wish hard enough it will appear one day.

    Cute owl necklace...went to F21 this weekend and saw one and thought of you

  12. Amazing pieces! So great:)

  13. I love that beaded, "jazzy jacket!" It is gorgeous! All of your selections are incredible!

  14. Sigh...that Chloe bag is perfection. I want all of this!

  15. A teeny bag might be just right: after all, I was just thinking the other day that my iPhone is all I really need anyway these days.

  16. i lvoe this post. I totally agree that summer shouldn't mean having to bear skin all the time. These light and breezy clothes will do all fine and still look stylish! thanks for sharing the tips!

    xo, Carla

  17. Love the skirt from the first set and all the sandals!!


  18. I don't know if I could function with a bag that tiny, lol! I do need something stripey though, that'd be fun to add to my wardrobe :)

  19. pretty outfits;)X


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