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{featured} Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

  Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
Who doesn't love a good diamond? Exactly. Anjolee recently let me choose a diamond necklace from their site to review. I chose this GORGEOUS three stone horizontal pendant. I am a big fan of the less is more mantra when it comes to diamonds (if they're too big they look fake, in my opinion,) so these smaller ones are perfect. The quality of the necklace is superb, although I had a little trouble putting it on (I blame it on the fact that I couldn't see the clasp and it is smaller than average.) The necklace is the perfect size and is a great classic, dainty piece that I will wear for years to come.  This necklace will definitely be in my rotation for daily use, it will compliment any outfit it is paired with.

The best thing about Anjolee is the fact that you can customize each piece exactly as you want it.  So you can go for the best of the best or a more budget friendly option depending on your needs. They offer 7 types of metal, various total carat weights, diamond quality and size, for each jewelry item on their website. Many of the pieces also include colored gems which you can choose making them great for gift giving: birthstone jewelry is always a good idea in my book. For example, the diamonds in the necklace below can be switched out for gemstones (either the center one, or the sides.) I toyed with the idea of making the center diamond an Amethyst (my favorite color) but decided to keep it basic.

Check back tomorrow for the outfit post featuring the necklace!

* Mine are not actual diamonds; for the purpose of the review I was sent a sample with cubic zirconia rather than diamonds.

** I received the necklace free for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. love it, really subtle and elegant!


  2. Such a pretty and dainty necklace! Can't wait to see how you styled it.

  3. it is so delicate and lovely! it will easily mix with your other necklaces too.

  4. Gorgeous necklace! They certainly look like real diamonds!

  5. Seriously that is a gorgeous necklace! I love diamonds, just like you said who doesn't? haha


  6. I agree, if it's too big, it looks fake.
    I look forward to seeing you sport your ds.

  7. This is so pretty, I love the 3 stones.

    XO Chelsea

  8. It's beautiful and very classic.


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