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{recap} French Wardrobe Challenege - April

  Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 

Month two of the French Wardrobe challenge is complete! I did well this month and only bought one item, and it was an awesome necklace by Indulgems (seen in this post).  So I still have 4 of my Five items up for grabs - wonder what they'll be. I'm considering using a gift card I won to buy these Ancient Greek Sandals because they mix my love of the brand with Harry Potter. Yes, I know the lightening bolt is representing Zeus, but who says it can't also be Harry.

Now, you might be saying - but what about all that Marshalls stuff you bought!? (Also seen in the post linked above)  Well, since I have an ongoing relationship with Marshalls, those items won't count towards my challenge (or my five items.) Plus, 90% of it is bought with gift cards, I always end up going over my budget.  For this latest challenge, the items I bought would have counted as basics anyhow, score!

  1. Just five standout pieces per season.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Basics don’t count.
  4. Accessories don’t count, unless you’re spending a lot more than usual.
  5. Socks and underwear don’t count.
  6. Shoes do count.


Part of my Five:
  • *new* Indulgems necklace via Gilt; had 20% off & free shipping. Been putting off buying one of their pieces for weeks, so I pulled the trigger on this one.
Ordered and Returned:
Exempt:  Not counting any items I got from brands or bought for Marshalls Project FAB (bought with a gift card)

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    1. You did really well! I keep meaning to challenge myself to this....

      Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    2. Great job, especially since basics and accessories wouldn't count! Those "Zeus" style sandals are sounding nice! :)
      Enter My Travel/Food Giveaway!

    3. These are great basics! I really like the blue embroidered top!

    4. Blogging freebies don't count, I mean, in that instance it was your JOB to shop.
      Good job with April. I don't even want to talk about how bad I was... If I'd been doing the challenge, I would have failed!
      chic on the cheap

    5. You're doing awesome with this challenge Megan! You're inspiring me to consider doing it ;).

      5th avenue

    6. I think it's fair that the Marshalls stuff doesn't count considering you work alongside the company. You're doing a great job so far!

    7. You're doing so well! It's so much more interesting to read about the few items that someone purchased instead of seeing new things day after day, which is an added bonus to this challenge!


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