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{photo diary} Discovering Diagon Alley

  Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Good morning, everyone! Feast your eyes on these photos of Diagon Alley! The park officially opened yesterday, so today is a perfect day to share these photos! Luckily for me, when I went there were only a few hundred of us inside at any given time. Much more convenient for photo taking and walking around. I do not want to be there today, must be swamped with people!

You'll see a photo below with a red-haired gent, and that is Domhnall Gleeson (Brendan Gleeson's son) who played Bill Weasley in the last few Potter films. But remember his face, he is going to be famous after his stint in the new Star Wars films! He was also in About Time with Rachel McAdams if you saw that (I still have not...shame on me!)

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  1. Yeah, I'm sure the crowds today are completely nuts! I have not seen About Time yet either and I totally wanted to! It's not my fault, it's Nexflix's fault.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I was just watching a documentary on this yesterday! Can't wait to go!

    xx Cara

  3. Wow how fun, that place looks amazing!

  4. I need to visit here! these pictures show how amazing it is!

  5. Looks like such a fun place!

    xo T.

  6. You must have been so happy in there! really looks like you're in the middle of a real thing!


  7. Oh my goodness - this looks like too much fun!

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  8. Now they just need Star Wars land... :)


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