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{recap} French Wardrobe Challenge - September

  Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,,, 
I'm continuing with the French Wardrobe Challenge, but changing the rules a bit for myself. Looks like both Jessica and I had the same idea! I'm switching it from 5 to 7 items and allowing myself to buy as many shoes as my heart desires, within reason, of course. While I will still be discerning with all my purchases, it will be nice to have a little more freedom. I'm also going to be more lenient when it comes to "basics" by not restricting to black/white and gray since I wear a lot of burgundy and purple. I have a clothing budget for each month that I'm usually pretty good about sticking to, so that helps curb my purchases as well!  Will you be doing the challenge this season?
This first month I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy anything since I splurged on a pair of Chanel flats last month. But, as per usual, I couldn't  keep that promise. Most of what I bought was paid for with gift cards, so it wasn't a total fail! I did buy a new Marrin Costello necklace and a couple Altuzarra for Target pieces without gift cards. But the Target stuff would have sold out if I waited, so I had to, right? Not really a good excuse, but the collection had lots of purple and burgundy! What's a girl to do?
Near the end of the month I used up an Amazon gift card to buy a pair of Cole Haan sandals I've been wanting since May. They were the last size 8 in the purple color I wanted so I went for it! I paid more than the $49.99 price tag at Marshalls, BUT it was a gift card. The design is simple enough that I'll be able to wear them for years to come. They aren't technically a Fall item, so I won't include them in the remaining roundups.
While I wasn't totally successful in not buying anything I was thoughtful with my purchases, so it's alright.  This weekend my mom is taking my sister and I out birthday shopping (mine is in a couple weeks!) so maybe I'll be able to hold out the rest of the month and not buy anything... (doubtful)

  1. Just five seven standout pieces per season.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Basics don’t count.
  4. Accessories don’t count, unless you’re spending a lot more than usual.
  5. Socks and underwear don’t count.
  6. Shoes do count.

Part of my Seven:
  1. Altuzarra for Target Embroidered Pleated Georgette Dress ($54.99)
  1. Ella Moss Vest in gray via Marshalls ($79.99, used gift card)
  2. Altuzarra for Target Python long sleeve shirt ($19.99)

  1. Coach 'Nacie' pump via Marshalls ($69, used gift card)
  2. Cole Haan 'Minetta' Sandal via Amazon ($74, used gift card)

  1. Movado Bold Watch c/o Lucky & Movado
  2. Kendra Scott Naomi Double Ring (c/o)
  3. Marrin Costello Pearl Crescent Necklace [$66 with coupon, not available online yet]

Exempt items:  [gifted items from brands or family members that would normally fall under my standout pieces]
  • Philosophy Top via Marshalls ($19.99)
  • For Cynthia Sweater via Marshalls ($16.99)

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  1. I heartily approve of your new policy surround shoe latitude....

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Never assume you aren't going to buy anything. LOL.
    Love the shoes you got so much!

  3. I think it's great that you're still going to be doing the challenge! It seemed to have really worked for you :) I love the colorblock heels and the colors of the Philosophy top.

  4. It's a great approach - of quality over quantity.
    Great choices and particularly great sandals too.

  5. Love These items! All quality must haves!

  6. I'm so glad there is no limit on shoes, that would be the toughest for me!


  7. awesome stuff and yay to no limit for shoes! a lady just can't have too many of them!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. Hello!!!!
    OMG!!!! I bought some Altuzzara For Target items too. I bought the python blazer and the ruby red velvet blazer. It reminded me of Tom Ford's 1996 red tux style suit.
    Chanel flats are a classic that you'll always have.
    Great picks!!!!!!!
    Shannon :-)

  9. Those Cole Haan heels are gorgeous! Quality over quantity is how I shop now, too ; )

  10. Those Cole Haan sandals and spectacular !!!!


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