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{outfit} Endless Jewelry x Simply Majestic Party at Mystic Aquarium

  Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,, 
As I posted yesterday, I attended an Endless Jewelry event hosted by Simply Majestic at Mystic Aquarium last week.  Endless Jewelry was started by Jesper Nielsen, one of the co-founders of Pandora, in 2013 and expanded the company to the US this year. Endless Jewelry is a similar concept to Pandora. You can buy a leather band (which has a magnetic closure) in a variety of colors and then add as many charms as you desire. Charms come in gold, silver and rose gold and some contain precious stones. Of the new line, Jesper says:
“I wanted to create something special, something that brings the classic collectible jewelry up to date,” says Neilsen. “I wanted to make a statement and let everybody else take part, or make their own. For me it’s not just a product—this is what we are. This is Endless. It’s going to be the next super brand, and we’re already on our way.”
The aquarium was such a fun setting for the event and Endless Jewelry really ran with it by using shells, starfish and other items you find in the ocean on their displays.  Part of the proceeds from the evening went to help support Mystic Aquarium and their mission.  I was particularly taken with the owl charm, grey pearl dream charm, penguin charm, and the purple band (obviously.)

Lydia and I had time to spare before the event started, so we drove the couple minutes down to Mystic Seaport for photos. It was perfect timing, everything had closed so there was no one there! A couple people walked by, but for the most part we were undisturbed, which was perfect because I always hate when people look at me... 

Dress: Altuzarra for Target (also here),  Bag: Chanel (Madison Avenue Couture), Boots: Alexander Wang 'Freja' (The Outnet, still available in black, white and tan)

And a couple party snaps:

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  1. Um. Everyone needs to take a few moments just to appreciate those shoes.

    Those shoes.

  2. The dress and shoes combo is perfect...and the event looks like it was really fun. I love some of those pieces on display.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. Your shoes ah..beautiful!!! Outfit is also very nice and feminine. Love the color.

  4. that is one exquisite dress!! wow!!! the color is amazing!!

    Animated Confessions

  5. You look gorgeous in your dress! I love your shoes and bag <3

    Visit my blog:

  6. I love those shoes - The blank version is on my christmas list!

    that outfit is so cute.

  7. I'm with Jen, got to love those shoes! And the seaport was a lovely outfit photo spot, too bad we can't just pop over any old time, haha.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Nothing spoils my Vogue moments more than people walking past! I really need to get over it! Haha. That color is stunning on you!

  9. The shoes, the dress, the bag - I adore this look, you look real fabulous.
    And the header keeps breaking up :/

  10. I love the new layout, it's so pleasing and flows so well!

    I love this outfit so much, it is exploding with your personality and you are wearing one of my favorite pair of shoes that you own :)


  11. Oh my goodness, you are killin it! I might come steal this outfit out of your closet! Soo in love!


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