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{recap} Wardrobe Update - July

  Friday, July 31, 2015 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 
I made my bi-yearly Net-a-Porter Sale purchase this month and was pretty well behaved. I bought a dress and a bathing suit and paid only $16 after advertising money.  I always try to wait until the end of the sale to buy my items hoping they'll be further reduced. When I do this I risk the item selling out before I can get it, but I don't really NEED anything new, so it's a good way to discipline myself. In the past I have bought pieces right away if I felt like it was something that I couldn't live without.  I also ordered a fun tee during French Connection's Extra 70% off sale items promotion.

  1. Be mindful of purchases
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best

  1. Blank Vegan 5 Pocket Olive Jeans ($23 via South Moon Under, retail $98)
  2. Sea printed silk tapered pants ($56 via The Outnet Clearance Sale, used advertising money) 
  3. ForeverYoung printed crop top ($65 in Santorini) 
  4. DKNY batik print romper ($47, Clinton Crossing) 
  5. *NEW!* Tory Burch Issy Bikini ($94 via Net-a-Porter Sale, used advertising money)
  6. *NEW!* Splendid Zebra print dress ($120 via Net-a-Porter Sale, used advertising money)
  7. *NEW!* French Connection Fast Sparkle Leopard Tee ($18)

  1. FRAME 'Le Skinny de Jeanne' ($40 after gift card, Shopbop)
  2. Club Monaco 'Ryan' cashmere sweater ($20, Clinton Crossing)
  3. Madewell Singlet Side-Slit Tank in Black ($22.75, used advertising money)
  4. Madewell Rivet &Thread Silk Noil Tee in Navy ($27.99, used advertising money)
  5. Madewell denim boyshorts ($41, used advertising money)

  1. Diane von Furstenberg 'Emma' pointed toe flats ($18 via Marshalls, retail $250)
  2. Ancient Greek Sandals 'Alethea' ($150 in Santorini)
  3. Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clio' ($185 via Nordstrom)

  1. Ray-Ban 'Erika' Sunglasses ($15 via Ditto, with coupon code)
  2. LUMO 'Violet' Ring with Australian Opal ($85, used advertising money)
  3. LUMO 'Rope' Ring ($40, used advertising money)
  4. Chanel Sunglasses ($320 in Athens)
  5. Silver ring with jewels ($15 in Santorini)
  6. Gold necklace with lava beads ($25 in Santorini)
  7. Owl ring ($40 at Jurassic Park in Universal)
  1. J.Crew owl print pajama top ($12.50, J.Crew Factory) 
  1. Orox Leather laptop sleeve
  2. Orox Leather 'Merces Petite' bag
  3. Aeropostale elephant print skirt
  4. Aeropostale chevron dress
  5. Aeropostale printed long sleeve top
  6. Serendipity and Grace Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet
  7. Serendipity and Grace Agate Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace

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  1. I can never get totally over how disciplined you are when it comes to adding things to your closet -- I need to learn to be a bit more like you!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I absolutely loved the TB swimsuit !
    Although I say I want to hold back on purchases they just keep on happening ! Like a Valentino dress I got for less than 30 bucks...

  3. your swimsuit is great..i like its print

  4. That bikini!!! :)

  5. Beautiful additions. Loving the zebra print dress and it looks like such must have. :)

  6. I love the print on the bikini Megan.


  7. So in love with that dress, which I had it when I went to the zoo!

    XO Chelsea

  8. The dress is really fabulous and the swimsuit is adorable! Now to just find more occasions to go swimming...
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. That swimsuit is all kinds of glamorous!


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