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{outfit} The Wedding Look

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Now that my wedding ceremony and family party are done I can share what I wore! I didn't want a regular wedding so it made sense to not wear a regular wedding dress. I still wanted something feminine and pretty so I had Needle & Thread in mind. I've always loved their lace and beaded dresses but never had an occasion to buy one. My wedding seemed like the perfect time! Another stipulation I had was I didn't want to spend thousands on a dress. Enter - the Net-a-Porter sale, my favorite sale of the Summer!

Once the sale started I began checking religiously to see if any dresses popped up in my price range that I liked. I saved a bunch to my wishlist and patiently waited for further reductions. I ended up finding a really pretty dress by Needle & Thread for 40% off retail! The photos showed it as being really light pink but the description said lilac. A lighter shade of my favorite color seemed appropriate so I bought it with advertising money that was just deposited to my PayPal account. Totally meant to be!

(I almost chose this longer dress but feared it would be way too long on me because I'm not model height. Good thing I didn't because the dress I bought was supposed to hit at the knee and went all the way down to mid-calf.)

Next up, shoes. My main searches were on The Real Real and the Net-a-Porter sale. I was hoping to find a purple shoe to go with the dress but none of them really screamed wedding. I wanted a less expensive pair of shoes but I just kept coming back to a pair of Kirkwood sandals that were a little over what I wanted to pay. They were so much fun and I loved that they were unique. Definitely special enough for a wedding. Plus, 50% off is still a pretty great score, right?
Nicholas Kirkwood Lola embellished Lurex sandals (Net-a-Porter)
For my something old I wore opal earrings that belonged to my late Grandmother on my Dad's side and were passed down to me. Opals are my birthstone, hence why there is an opal on my engagement ring. When it came to my something blue I chose a topaz necklace that my other Grandmother passed down to me a few years ago. It was a nice surprise for her to see I wore it! This way I had an heirloom from both of them on my special day. Finally, my mother lent me my something borrowed - an opal bracelet that was passed down to her from my Dad's mom (which was part of a set with the earrings that I wore.)  I'll go into my engagement ring and wedding band in a different post so this doesn't become a mile long.
Something Old: Opal and gold earrings that belonged to my paternal Grandmother
Something Borrowed: Opal & Gold bracelet from Mom that was my paternal Grandmother's
Something Blue: Topaz and diamond necklace passed down from my maternal Grandmother

I didn't do anything with my hair because Christian likes it straight and I did my own makeup, very simply. My Mom got me a beautiful purple-themed bouquet even though I originally wasn't going to have one.  She pointed out that it would give me something to hold during the ceremony to make me feel less awkward. So true!
Bridal bouquet from City Line Florist
My husband (AHH! So weird saying that) wore some nice blue pants, a lilac button down and blue tie for the ceremony and party. I think we make a pretty stylish couple, don't you?

Thank you so much to the lovely Lydia for taking all these photos for us on our special day!!

Wedding Dress: Needle & Thread Mirage tiered embellished tulle dress (Net-a-Porter), Wedding Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood Lola embellished Lurex sandals (Net-a-Porter),  Wedding Band: Sofia Zakia Altair Ring (Catbird), Engagement Ring: Custom Sofia Zakia Wandering Star  Ring, Opal

Men's Button Down: Ryan Seacrest Ultimate Slim Fit,  Pants: Apt. 9 Slim Fit Twill Suit in Dusty Blue (we scored the pants only for $15 on the clearance rack at Kohl's!)

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  1. You look beautiful! I love the dress on you - it's so pretty and the perfect wedding dress for you! You are such a cute couple. Your mum made a good call on the bouquet, it's so pretty and works nicely with your dress. Thank sos much for sharing all this, I was kinda nosey to see what everything looked like, hehe! :) Congrats again! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Aaahh, you're such a beautiful bride and a stylish couple - I love your dress and all these photos. Congratulations to you both!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. So gorgeous! Congratulations on your marriage!

  4. Just GORGEOUS. I absolutely love the dress you choose and the subtle hint of lilac and how well it matches your bouquet. I love that you did things your way instead of following the norm of long white dress like every other bride. Congratulations!!

  5. Such a stylish couple indeed! I love that you got jewelry from both your grandmothers, and you mom made the right call with the bouquet, the flowers feel perfectly coordinated and you got your deeper purples into the look. I think the shoes were worth the little extra splurge too, because you can definitely wear them to a future event!

  6. That dress is adorable! It’s different so stands out! And those shoes are adorable!!!!

  7. A stylish couple indeed! You look beautiful. The heirloom jewelry was such a meaningful touch. Your mother picked the perfect bouquet. Thank you so much for sharing your special day!

  8. I love this! You look so beautiful! I love the color of your dress, def a gorgeous bride! Congratulations on your wedding, everything looks like it was fun, and of course beautiful 💛

  9. YOu looked so gorgeous! I adore your dress, and the uniqueness of everything you chose. Goodo call from your mom! :)

  10. You looked absolutely incredible sweet girl! Congrats again!

  11. Gorgeous! Love love everything about your look!

  12. This is just gorgeous. I love how you pieced this together. The details in the shoes and the necklace are my favorite.


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