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My brother got married last month in a small backyard ceremony. He had originally planned a larger event at a venue but he and his wife decided to postpone that until next year and do an intimate event at our parent's house this year. It was our immediate family, the wedding party, a couple of his friends and my Grandparents (which I was a little weary of.)

I've felt weird about posting this outfit because of current circumstances, but it has been over a month and no one in attendance got sick so I think we were successful in keeping to current protocols. My Mom made masks out of fancy fabric to match the decor on the tables and we tried to keep to our small bubbles of safety.


I bought this dress in June when I was still in wishful thinking mode that we'd be able to have the real wedding. But I guess the silver lining is I get to wear it again next year! This time I wore it with the Nicholas Kirkwood heels I wore for my own wedding, a necklace handed down to me from my Grandma (which I also wore to my wedding) and my cute pink ostrich Marc Jacobs bag. The bag was pretty much just a prop for these photos since I didn't actually need it.


Ba&sh "Perla" dress in Green Light c/o Shopbop, Nicholas Kirkwood Lola pearl sandals (Net-a-Porter), Necklace: Topaz and diamond necklace, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Perfect Purse ostrich-effect PVC' (Net-a-Porter), Gold Twist Huggie Earrings in Rose Gold c/o Aurate, Bracelet: Ten Thousand Villages



Slightly behind in posting outfits, the joys of only posting twice a week now that I can only really take photos on the weekend and if I go to my parents for dinner. I wore this at the beginning of the month for a food blogger event at El Toro in Stratford, CT. I always have so much fun with all the food bloggers, we just chat and stuff our faces with tasty food!

I decided to wear my Disney tee from last year's EPCOT Food & Wine Festival for the occasion.  I paired it with my suede jacket and ripped jeans to make it a little more funky. And yes, these sandals again. Whenever spring first hits I'm always drawn to wearing these more often than any other shoes because they're so comfortable.

Graphic Tee: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Passholder Tee, Jacket: Lauren by Ralph Lauren - similar (TJ Maxx), Jeans: Current/Elliott skinny jean in Love Destroyed, Sandals: Malu c/o Marshalls, Sunglasses: Chanel, Wedding Band: Sofia Zakia Altair Ring (Catbird), Engagement Ring: Custom Sofia Zakia Wandering Star Ring, Opal & Sapphire

Here's a look at some of the food if you missed it on my Instagram!
Still trying to inject some Spring into outfits on cooler days. I hope that we can expect steady warmer temperatures from now on, getting tired of going back to the 40s and 50s. Just keep it at at least 60 please, that's all I ask!

I decided to break out my weird but fun floral jeans from Target (they're reversible too, haha) and wore them with my thin pinkish-burgundy top.

I hope everyone has fun plans this weekend. Since it's Easter we'll be having our usual 2 celebrations, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Yay for two outfits!

Top: J.Crew Ribbed Flare-Sleeve Top, Floral Jeans: Target Flipside Denim, Sandals: Malu c/o Marshalls, Sunglasses: Chanel, Wedding Band: Sofia Zakia Altair Ring (Catbird), Engagement Ring: Custom Sofia Zakia Wandering Star Ring, Opal & Sapphire

Told you you'd be seeing this Autumn Cashmere landscape sweater again soon! I wish I could wear it every day, but that would be a little much don't you think? This time I wore it with my patchwork boots because the colors all match. Might be a little odd but I think it's fun! Also decided to use my fun orange Louis Vuitton bag to pull out the orange in the sweater.

Sweater: Autumn Cashmere Landscape Intarsia Sweater, Jeans: Everlane high-rise skinny jean in mid-blue, Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Sac D'Epaule (HauteTrader), Boots: IMPO Patchwork Suede Boot (DSW), Sunglasses: Chanel

Since I've been slacking on outfit posts lately, I decided to bring back one of my old blog features - Closet Worthy - where I feature things I would love to add to my closet. Today I'm putting my tiny spotlight on Sofia Zakia. If you have read through my wedding posts, you will know that my wedding band and engagement ring are both by Sofia Zakia.  The engagement ring is a customized version of her Wandering Star ring and my band is the Altair ring that fits into it.

Sofia Ajram (Zakia is a name she created for her label) hand-makes all her jewelry in a Montreal studio. I believe she recently hired a few other people to help out but when we bought my rings it was just her. Sofia is very committed to using ethically sourced materials for all her pieces from diamonds to opals and other gemstones. Last year she won The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories at the Canada Arts & Fashion Awards.

What I love about her pieces is that they have a mystical element to them which makes them unique.  She uses unique sources for her inspiration such as Sailor Moon, Zelda, UFOs, Tarot and more. What's funny about this is I'm obsessed with Sailor Moon and my husband loves Zelda. I guess we were meant to find each other and then Sofia!

Below are some of her other pieces I want to add to my jewelry collection.

Serena Earrings
Most of you will know I don't change out my earrings often so for me to want a pair of earrings they have to be GOOD. As I mentioned above I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and this earring is inspired by Serena's earrings when she transforms into Sailor Moon. They're so playful and pretty and I love that only Sailor Moon fans will realize they're a geeky reference.

Rainbow Stardust Ring
This is a band version of my engagement ring and it's so much fun! There is a plain diamond version but if I'm going to spend a lot of money on another ring by Sofia I want it to be bold! She also made a sapphire version at one point so I'm sure you could customize this to use and color(s) you want!

Those first two are pieces I will hopefully save up for in the future. Here are some more gorgeous pieces I would be happy to own as well!

* Images from and Catbird
** I was not paid for this post, I just really enjoy Sofia's work
To continue with my December Wardrobe Update I thought I would share my favorite purchases on 2018! I only added 14 new pieces (plus 5 gifted jewelry items) to my closet this year so it's slim pickings compared to past years.

Needle & Thread 'Mirage' tiered embellished tulle dress  - The Wedding Look

If my wedding dress didn't make my top purchases list, we'd have a problem.  I never imagined myself in a white or traditional wedding dress so this sequined lilac dress was perfect for me.

Nicholas Kirkwood 'Lola' embellished Lurex sandals    - The Wedding Look

The same goes for my wedding shoes! I wanted these to be super special and unique so I splurged quite a bit!

I've only worn the dress and shoes for the wedding ceremony and party so far but I will definitely break out the shoes again in the future. I'm sure I'll find another occasion for the dress as well.

Sofia Zakia 'Altair' Ring - The Wedding Rings

Another no-brainer favorite is my wedding band. I love my wedding rings because they're so unique. The shape of the band fits perfectly with the engagement ring - it was designed that way - and I couldn't imagine a better piece of jewelry to wear for the rest of my life.

Franco Sarto "Dolly" mules

You can't beat $20 for a pretty pair of suede mules, can you? I almost didn't buy these because I was trying to "behave" and not buy new clothes. So glad I broke my no spending rule to add these to my closet in January. They're such a great color and go with everything I own.

Dooney & Bourke 2017 Sorcerer Mickey Disney Shopper Tote - First Seen Here

This purchase was a long time coming. I had wanted it in 2017 when I went to Disney and didn't buy it and then spent the next nine months hunting for one on eBay. It may not be worn often but I'm still super happy with the purchase. It's as much a part of my Disney collection as it is in my wardrobe so I'll be happy as a clam to see it sitting with my Disney items until it gets worn again.

Vince Camuto 'Davilla' Ankle Boot

Technically I haven't worn the ones I bought yet, but I bought a replacement pair of boots for when these eventually get too gross to wear. Seeing as I've been looking for a couple years I'd say this is a great buy! You can see these are all nice and scuffed. Can't wait to break out the new clean ones!

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