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{recap} Wardrobe Update - March

  Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 

It was a big shopping month in terms of items added to my closet. Luckily the out of pocket cost wasn't large. As I shared earlier this month, I finally took the leap and replaced my Ray Ban Erika sunglasses with part of my Shopbop partnership credit. I also bought a few new things for the warmer weather during their Spring Event.

Long story about another purchase below:

I ran some errands with my mom earlier in the month and we stopped at DSW. I tried on a few pairs of breathable, thin sneakers (because I don't own any) and liked a pair by Sperry but they were $65. It's really hard for me to find sneakers I like because they all feel too bulky. I don't mind that in the case of my crazy custom Nike ID's but those aren't really athletic wear, more of a fashion statement. There's also my purple Puma's but those aren't exactly versatile either.

When I got home I added them to my cart and searched for some coupon codes and found a 20% off plus a $10 reward I had. Then my mom offered me the rest of a gift card she had so they came out to under $15! I'd say that's worth a purchase! I was hoping to wear them to Disney in May (one of the activities we're doing requires closed toe, walk-able shoes) but I fear that trip will be cancelled due to COVID-19. 

April will definitely be very light on the shopping because of our stay safe at home orders. I am trying not to buy anything unnecessary that will put more pressure on postal/package workers.

THE (modified) RULES
  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best

  1. *NEW!* FARM Rio Amazonian Ombre Mini Wrap Dress c/o Shopbop ($127.50, retail $170)

  1. J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jean in Moral ($0 after $25 credit & ad money, retail $228)

  1. *NEW!* Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clara' Sandal c/o Shopbop ($221.25, retail $295)
  2. *NEW!* Sperry Rio Aqua Slip-On Sneaker ($14.83 via DSW, retail $64.99)


  1. *NEW!* Ray Ban 'Erika' Sunglasses in Havana c/o Shopbop (retail $163)
  2. *NEW!* Madewell Medium Slim Saddle Bag c/o Shopbop ($118.50, retail $158)

Gifted from Brands:
  1. none yet

Total spent in March: $14.83

Total spent in 2020: $14.83

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  1. Great tips here! And yes sneakers in the summer can not only be clunky and heavy but hot and sweaty too. And LOVE those gladiator sandals so cool!

    Allie of

  2. It was quite an amazing price you got for the sneakers :)
    I'll stay with
    "I am trying not to buy anything unnecessary that will put more pressure on postal/package workers" This says a lot about you M, in the best way possible.

    1. Was a good thing I got all my shopping out at the beginning of the month! Ha ha! I need a few beauty items but I'm resisting buying because I don't want really "need" them, I can live without things for a few weeks. Hopefully we as a people are able to follow the guidelines and stop this soon!

  3. That dress is the cutest and I really like the bag too :)

    It's nice you are thinking of the postal workers! It must be a tough time for them. It is for us all I guess! I haven't bought anything for myself since things started changing here, but I have been buying a lot of activity things and learning things for the kids! I feel so unprepared for teaching them!

    Hope that your week is going well :) I'm working from home and also trying to teach the kids since the schools are closed!

    Away From Blue

  4. I hope that soon we will be able to walk the streets again and wear all these cool things. I have such a bag)

  5. Love the new bag, and you got such a good deal on the sneakers! They are always the last kind of shoe I feel like buying, even though my current pair is getting holes! Now I'm feeling guilty about all the postal workers and my absurd shopping/returning habits at the moment...


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