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{outfit} Dainty Pinky Rings in the Summer Heat

  Friday, August 14, 2020 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,, 
*This post was made in partnership with Nakturnal.  Thank you for supporting brands I feature*
I haven't been getting out much these past few (aka FIVE) months, because we're staying safe at home, but when I do it's with minimal jewelry due to the heat.  How adorable are these small stackable pinky rings from Aurate? You can get them in sizes ranging from 3 to 10 so they're fit for any finger. I definitely want to add more of their thin rose gold rings to my jewelry box.
If you are a long time follower of the blog you'll know that I used to wear a LOT of rings, almost one per finger. But since getting engaged and married I've worn a lot less. These thin rings are a great accompaniment to my wedding rings. I went with rose gold vs white gold to add a bit more fun. Who says you can't mix metals?!
Both rings (and my cute twist huggie earrings) are made with ethically sourced and sustainably made Rose Gold Vermeil. Similar to yellow gold, rose gold is made with a blend of color-saturated alloys with a bit more copper for a rosy hue. Vermeil is basically a fancy name for gold-plated. Aurate goes above and beyond the required amounts and uses 14-karat gold with over 2.5 microns (thickness) and finishes with a top coat to ensure durability and shine.
To make your purchase even better, Aurate has a lifetime guarantee! They'll re-plate, polish, and repair your jewelry when needed. Additionally, for every piece of gold purchased, Aurate donates a book to a child in need in your name.
Summer and hot temps are the perfect time for bold prints! You don't want to have a lot of fabric covering your body so why not make it fun and vibrant. This dress by Farm Rio is so much fun, I was looking forward to wearing it at Disney this Spring but sadly that trip didn't happen. Rather than let it sit in the closet until next year, I decided to wear it for a day of nothing.

I finished the look off with a pair of sandals - I live in my Ancient Greek Sandals all Summer. I'm up to 9 pairs so far - with another possibly on the way, wow! I didn't need a bag since we were just going on a walk but if walking is the only activity on the schedule for the foreseeable future why not make it a complete outfit. This Madewell crocodile effect bag was a pre-quarantine purchase that I never got to wear before lockdown. So glad I was finally able to use it, even if it was just holding my phone, mask and hand sanitizer!
Last minute I threw on another new piece. A layered necklace that I got my Mom for Mother's Day. And no, I didn't steal it from her - I got one for my sister and I too so we could all match!

Dress: FARM Rio Amazonian Ombre Mini Wrap Dress c/o Shopbop, Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals 'Apteros' in Crosta Wine (bought in Athens), Bag: Madewell Medium Slim Saddle Bag c/o Shopbop, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Erika c/o Shopbop, Necklace: Shashi Princess Leia Necklace c/o Shopbop, Rings c/o Aurate - Stackable Twist Ring & Mini Infinity Ring in Rose Gold, Earrings c/o Aurate - Gold Twist Huggie Earrings in Rose Gold

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  1. Those are some really gorgeous pieces - I love the rings! And I'm also really enjoying your colourful outfit...

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I love how delicate they are! And what a great tropical dress!
    xo Annie

  3. I love simple accessories like this, especially in the heat, and that's a beautiful dress! it's nice you got to give it a wear :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  4. If only every company would offer to re-plate gold vermeil pieces! I've found the gold over sterling pieces are particularly troublesome when the silver tarnishes and covers the gold, I suppose since the gold is so thin. Vermeil rings tend to lose their sheen especially quickly, and I often find myself wondering why I even bother to buy them at all! However, from AUrate they get a pass :)

  5. They are so cute! These days I pretty much always wear delicate jewelry, but I definitely want to start wearing more rings!


  6. This photoshoot is STELLAR! I'm in love with the rings and necklace. Ever since quarantine, I've been super into minimalist jewelry too.

  7. I own a lot of rings that I wear every day. I have to say I do not normally wear any on my pinky fingers, I love the ones you pictured. Will have to take a look at the stackable ones. Dainty rings aren't always my favorite, but I think that if I stack them they will match the rest of mine perfectly!

    1. Yea the little thin stackable ones are perfect for Summer! And with these you can just get a bigger size and wear them on other fingers


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